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Make a Talisman


They say ‘you make your own luck’ – when you create a talisman this is literally true.  Learn;

  • What is a ‘talisman’?
  • Correspondences to use in making a talisman
  • Instructions for a simple talisman




A talisman is a charm for a specific purpose, e.g. to attract love, find a new home etc.  This is different from an ‘amulet’ which may be for general good luck.  Examples of an amulet include a four-leaf clover, rabbit’s foot, silver penny and similar.  If you believe in these, and they are associated in your mind with good things, then they can indeed bring good fortune.  However, if you want to attract something specific, then you are well-advised to create your own talisman.



A talisman is created on the basis of like attracts like.  So if you want to attract love, your talisman should evoke loving images.  There are lengthy, traditional systems of correspondences that you may find listed in magical books, but here we are going to keep things simple.

You may require a talisman for something complex, in which case you will need to be inventive.  Here are some basic correspondences that you should find useful.

LOVE, BEAUTY, YOUTH, JOY, HAPPINESS, FRIENDSHIP, COMPASSION, MEDIATION planet Venus, colours pink (for friendly love) red, for passion, green for compassion and mediation.  Roses, swans, doves, Tarot card The Empress, rose quartz, vanilla, ylang-ylang, thyme.

THE HOME, GARDENING, FERTILITY, FAMILY, HEALING, MEANINGFUL DREAMS, SPIRITUALITY planet the Moon, colours white or silver.  Fish, dolphins, dog, bear, snake, horned animals.  Tarot card the High Priestess, moonstone, jasmine, gardenia, lemon balm.

HEALTH, PROTECTION, LEGAL MATTERS, ENLIGHTENMENT, SUCCESS, ENERGY, POWER  planet the Sun, colour gold.  Lions. Tarot card the Sun.  Amber, carnelian, tiger’s eye, sunstone.  Cinnamon, orange, sandalwood.

INTELLIGENCE, SPEECH-MAKING, COMMUNICATION, TRAVEL, SELF-IMPROVEMENT, DIVINATION, KNOWLEDGE planet Mercury, colours yellow or orange.  Monkeys and swallows.  Tarot card the Magician, agate, mottled jasper, lavender, peppermint, fennel.

COURAGE, ASSERTION, HEALING (FOLLOWING SURGERY) STRENGTH, SEXUALITY, SELF-DEFENCE.  Planet Mars.  Colour red.  Rams, scorpions.  Tarot card the Tower. Bloodstone, garnet, ruby, ginger, cumin coriander.

PROSPERITY, LEGAL SETTLEMENTS, SPIRITUAL AND RELIGIOUS MATTERS, PSYCHISM AND MEDITATION.  Planet Jupiter.  Colour purple or royal blue.  Eagles, horses.  Tarot card the Wheel of Fortune.  Amethyst, lepidolite, honeysuckle, clove.

BINDING, GROUNDING, DISCIPLINE, PRACTICALITY, PROTECTION, ENDING.  Planet Saturn. Colours brown, black, grey.  Horned animals, goats.  Tarot card the World.  Onyx, obsidian, cypress, patchouli.



Firstly, you need to decide your purpose.  Try to be exact about this.  In the case of love, for example, what sort of love are you wanting?  If you want strong passion, then you may need to include some of the correspondences associated with Mars (However, please avoid using the Tower, tarot card.  This information has been given for the sake of completeness, but it represents the destructive side of Mars, and your talisman must always be positive)

If you are wanting to pass an exam, Mercury’s correspondences are the obvious choice, with maybe a little oomph from the Mars quarter.  If you wish to develop your spirituality then Jupiter and/or the Moon are your choices, but if you lack discipline, then call in a little Saturn.  Success of all types is brought by the Sun.  You might choose to combine that with other themes to bring triumph in a specific area – Mercury study, Jupiter court case etc.

You can create a talisman using a circle of card, cut to the size you want.  Choose the colour accordingly, stick or draw pictures, write words and attach crystals – you can be as creative as you like.  When you have finished, anoint your completed talisman with an appropriate fragrance from the list, or leave overnight in a bowl of dried herbs.  Carry your talisman with you whenever you need its good influences.




As an example, lets look at a talisman to attract new friends.  This could be made from pink card, with a small piece of rose quartz attached.  You might like to draw the symbol of Venus on the card, which is a circle with a cross underneath – and to symbolize friends there could be two or three Venuses with the arms of the crosses linked, as if they are holding hands.  You could draw pictures of pink roses, intertwined, and anoint the talisman with a little oil of ylang-ylang, or leave overnight in a bowl of dried thyme.

When making any talisman, don’t worry too much.  Just go with what feels right.  If you are comfortable with your talisman and it enables you to believe in yourself, then it will bring you success.




Now you know how to make a talisman, by defining your intention and using correspondences to create something appropriate.  This can be very empowering, but of course there are times when it may not feel enough, and you need advice from someone wise.  Our Readers are always available with their store of knowledge, sympathy and guidance, so if you feel unsure about anything, put in a call without delay and be encouraged and supported.



PUBLISHED: 09 September 2016

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