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With Valentine’s Day approaching you may want a little magical boost to make romance blossom. A ‘spell’ simply means ‘spelling out’ your desires – just the same as it was hundreds of years ago when the village wise-woman gave hopeful lovers some help. If you aren’t clear about what you want, how can you get it?


Now read about 
  • Internet magic
  • Enchanted love-cloak
  • Making a love talisman
  • Hot date spell


So many partnerships begin on-line these days and the good news is that the subtle energies of the Net lend themselves to the ‘fluence. Try the following:
  • Pick a magical password. When you create a password for the site of your choice, use words that have the right ring to them. You might include the word ‘Venus’ as the love-goddess, or perhaps Freya or Isis. ‘Dove’, ‘Swan’ ‘Rose’ ‘Heart’ are all good words to conjure with, entwining them cleverly with your name, if possible
  • Your number’s up! Include your date of birth in codes and passwords – you can disguise this by mixing up the numbers if you wish. The vibe will still be yours
  • Place a small piece of rose quartz near your computer, or have it close to you when you’re doing a love-search on your laptop, tablet or phone. Choose a phone or tablet cover that has hearts, roses or any romantic design on it
  • Not sure whether to follow up a contact? Keep their details up on the screen while you burn a rose joss stick. Hold an amethyst tumble stone between your palms and ask the goddess to bring you clarity. Sit quietly with your eyes shut, letting yourself go into a day-dreamy state. After a few moments open your eyes and bring up the details of your romantic contact. How do you feel? What does your intuition tell you? Follow it
  • Not sure which contact might be right for you? Close your eyes, scroll up and down chanting ‘Love is coming close to me, My lover-to-be I will see’ three times. Open your eyes – which is the first you see? That’s the one to message!


Use the almost Full Moon on Feb 10th, just before Valentine’s Day, to prepare this spell. Don’t wait till the actual day of Full Moon on 11th because there is an eclipse, which won’t be so favourable to your romantic dreams.  
We are all surrounded by an aura of energy. Psychics see this as swirls of coloured light that reveal our energies, thoughts, wishes and health. Even if you can’t actually see another person’s aura, you will sense it. This explains why some people attract us while others repel. Use this knowledge to magnetise your aura with a cloak of love, to make you irresistible.
Simply leave a glass of spring water in the light of the almost Full Moon for half an hour. If the Moon is behind clouds, light a big white candle instead. Dissolve a few drops of natural red food colour in the water (e.g. strawberry juice). Place a picture/statue of the goddess Venus in front of you and say ‘Great goddess, surround me with love’. Drink the water, imagining it filling your body with love-energy that sparkles outwards. See that energy forming itself into a beautiful cape of deep rose velvet. This cloak now belongs to you. Whenever you go into a situation where romance is on the cards, mentally swish your rosy cloak around you and imagine yourself radiating appeal. Soon you will draw the right lover to your side.



A talisman is an object of power that you carry with you. For this you will need a small piece of rose quartz – so much the better if you can wear it as jewellery. (You can also use this for internet dating – see above) Light a rose pink candle and a rose joss-stick. Surround yourself with images of kissing couples, doves, hearts, flowers and rings. Affirm that all negativity is leaving you – see it blowing away like grey clouds and feel yourself starting to ‘fizz’ with energy. Hold your quartz between your palms and say three times ‘With you I find love.’ Wrap your quartz in some pink cloth and ground yourself by drinking fruit juice, especially strawberry. Take your talisman with you whenever you go out on the pull.



Now your cutie-pie is in your sights and you’ve made that important date. Try this spell;
  • YOU WILL NEED; two small effigies, one for you and one for your date – chess pieces will do. A goddess figure. Daisies or sprigs of mint. A red candle. A piece of jewellery containing carnelian.
  • METHOD; Place the effigies in front of your goddess-figure – Isis, Aphrodite, Venus or Freya are examples. Entwine all three figures with daisies/mint, especially linking the effigies of you and your date. On the candle carve the Venus symbol and Mars symbol, intertwined. Place the jewellery round the base of the candle and if it is a ring place it touching the candle. Light the candle and let it burn down. Do this on successive evenings and/or just before you go out. Wear your carnelian and smoulder!





We’ve looked at internet dating, your love-cloak, making a talisman and a spell for a hot date. Any or all of these should help you, but so very often we all need human encouragement. That’s here for you any time with our sympathetic Readers so for a true Valentine’s treat, put in a call and feel your heart warmed.


PUBLISHED: 20 February 2017

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