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Love Divination - He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not


Since Adam and Eve lonely hearts have longed to know if there is love out there.  Too shy to ask the question, you may wonder if there is desire for you in the heart of a special someone, or if romance is due to arrive with a fascinating stranger.


Traditionally, there are many ways you can ‘divine’, i.e. have psychic insight, into those feelings.  It may seem crazy that the answer could be found in leaves or fruit pips, but the truth is, of course, that your subconscious mind is at work.  Deep within, you sense those emotions, and when you practice divination, that wisdom translates itself into answers, brought by the outside world.

So if you really want to know, try some of our methods.  Always take your time when practicing divination.  Make sure you are relaxed and that you won’t be interrupted, especially by anyone who might mock.  Try to detach as much as possible from the answer while actually performing the divination.  In peace and tranquillity your message will arrive – as if by magic!




A simple answer to the question ‘Does s/he love me?’ can be found by counting orange pips.  As you eat the orange think clearly of the question you want answered.  When you have finished, count the pips.  An even number means the answer is ‘No’, while an odd number means it’s ‘Yes’.  But don’t despair if you have an even number.  Perhaps love hasn’t blossomed yet.  Maybe a better question would be ‘Is s/he attracted to me?’   You could eat lots of oranges before getting to the truth!




Apples are ruled by Venus, and associated with romance in many ways.  They were also considered to be the fruit of Faerie, and anyone who journeyed into the lands of the fey would be trapped there for eternity if they bit into any of the Faerie Queen’s luscious apples.  This fruit is linked to love and divination in several ways;

  • Cut an apple in two and count the number of seeds. If they are even, marriage or committed partnership will soon take place.  If one of the seeds is cut, a stormy relationship is foretold.  If the number of seeds is uneven, no relationship is imminent
  • Hold an apple in your hands until it is warmed.  Then give it to the hottie you’re wanting to pull.  If he or she eats the apple, your feelings will be returned
  • Cut an apple in half and share it with your lover.  This will bind you together and keep your partnership happy




Your true love will appear to you in your dreams, with a little help from nature;

  • Place a bay leaf under your pillow, to see the future of your love aspirations
  • Defuse oil of jasmine in the bedroom to dream of your lover
  • Peppermint leaves placed beneath your pillow can also reveal love
  • Rosebud tea, drunk before going to bed, will induce dreams of love to be
  • Place silver jewellery under your pillow, to reveal love secrets





If you are lucky enough to have to choose among several lovers, pick a green rose leaf to represent each suitor and scratch the initial lightly on the surface.  Which leaf stays green the longest?  That is The One!




Deep inside you know the truth about who loves you and who’s right for you.  Liberate your psychic powers by scattering dried rosemary on smouldering charcoal.  Breathe the incense to make you sensitive, then sit and gaze at the smoke.  What do you see?  Maybe there is an initial, or symbol, or possibly even a face revealed.




If you want to know if you will be married, or in a settled relationship over the coming year, throw your shoe or boot into a willow tree.  You can try this nine times in all – the shoe or boot is supposed to get caught in the branches, if the answer is yes.  This should be done on New Year’s Eve, on your birthday or at the New Moon.  However, to set the seal on the divination you have to retrieve your shoe!




To find out if two people are going to get it together, take two fresh basil leaves and place them on a live coal.  If they stay put and burn quickly to ashes, the relationship will be harmonious.  Some crackling indicates quarrels, but if the leaves fly apart, best not to go there at all!




In this article we have looked at a number of interesting ways to find out about your love-life.  Fruit and leaves are used in divination, and there are methods to find out what you want to know from your dreams.  However, your best bet is often to listen to your own instincts.  Light a candle, burn your favourite incense, sit quiet and peaceful and see what images come into your mind.  Chances are the answer you seek has been with you all along.

PUBLISHED: 22 February 2016

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