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Love Charms

With Valentine’s Day coming up you may fancy a few charms to attract that intriguing someone. Or you may want your lover to be extra-attentive. Our guide will give you the magical boost you need.
Find out:
  • Do love charms work?
  • Romantic roses
  • Love talisman
  • Love potion
  • Love sachet
  • Keeping love alive




Anything that makes you think positive and focus your mind on what you want can only be helpful. A good love charm uses the right materials to alter the energies around you, creating the right atmosphere for romance.
Besides, love charms are fun, and a little laughter helps you attract the love you want. Remember however, it’s always best not to aim love-charms at anyone specific. Much better to let the Cosmos choose for you.


Red roses are often give to signify love, especially on Valentine’s Day. There are several traditional charms using roses, to make you irresistible.
Make a necklace of rose-hips by passing a red thread through each of the ‘hips’ and wear this. If you don’t feel it’s much of a fashion accessory, carry it in your bag or pocket.
Take a bath strewn with rose petals. So much the better if these have been gathered at Full Moon. In the winter fresh rose petals aren’t easy to come by, but you can use bought roses, or buy dried ones.
Make a tea of rosebuds and sip it before bed, to dream of your true love.
Take a green rose leaf for each possible lover and write their initial on it. The leaf that stays green the longest is ‘The One’.


For this you will need images of love, such as kissing couples, pairs of doves, hearts, flowers, rings.
An image of the goddess Venus
A deep pink/rose red candle
Jasmine or rose incense
A piece of rose quartz. This can be a small tumble-stone, quite easily obtained in gift-shops. You could also order it on-line, but when choosing crystals it’s much better to do it personally, so you can pick the one that appeals to you.
Something sweet to eat.
If you have a really good reason to believe that someone really has the hots for you but they just need some encouragement, carve their initials on the candle. However, don’t try this on someone indifferent, or who is committed to someone else.
Light the candle and the incense and surround yourself with the loving images. Imagine that you have a protective ‘egg’ of soft pink light around you. Imagine any doubt and negativity being swept away, as grey clouds. Press your rose quartz between your palms, saying three times:
“This charm is bringing me love and happiness’.
Hold your rose quartz towards the candle flame saying ‘This charm is bringing me the heat of passion’.
Eat your sweet treat and say ‘This charm is bringing me the sweetness of love’.
Hold your rose quartz to your heart and say ‘This charm is bringing my heart’s desire.’
Spend a little while looking at the candle flame and imagining all the good things that are to come. When you are ready, affirm that your protective egg is dissolving and extinguish the candle. 
Carry your rose quartz charm with you whenever you are looking for love, and preferably all the time.


This love potion can make you more attractive and sexy. If you share some with your lover you can look forward to a night to remember!
You will need a cup each of strawberry juice, pear juice and cherry juice. A copper saucepan (if possible0. An apple. Six cardamom seeds. A vanilla pod. Sugar.
This potion is best brewed on Friday as this is the day sacred to Venus.
Place all the juice in the copper pot with the apple, cut in half crossways, so displaying the five-point star pattern made by the core. Simmer the juices very gently for five minutes with the six cardamom seeds and the vanilla pod. If possible, keep the apple halves upright. Sweeten to taste.
You can add spring water or wine to your potion before drinking. To strengthen the bond between you and your lover, each of you should eat one half of the apple.


This is another charm you can keep with you, and it smells great. You will need some dried lavender, dried lemon peel and a square or circle of deep pink or red cloth – preferably cotton.
It will be best if you can dry the lemon yourself. Place the ingredients on the cloth and simply tie it up with red or rose coloured thread, or sew it. You don’t need any special skills. Just make sure the dried ingredients can’t fall out and that your sachet is small enough to carry.


Valentine’s Day isn’t just about new love. You may want to protect and preserve the love you have. Sharing almost any fruit will help this, so on Valentine’s Night choose your favourite fruits and feed each other part of the fruit, and eat the rest. Plums, apples and strawberries are some suggestions.
Keep your mistletoe after Christmas and hang it all over the house, to preserve loving feelings.
Grind cinnamon sticks with hair and nail clippings from you and your partner. Burn these in a heat-proof dish and keep the ash in a glass vial. Keep the vial safe for as long as you want the love to last.
Fill an air-tight container with sugar, a vanilla bean, a cinnamon stick and dried rose heads/hibiscus/orange blossom. Visualise love seeping out of the container and sweetening your home. When there is tension between you, sprinkle some of the sugar in drinks or on food for you and your lover.



We’ve seen why love-charms work and learned about romantic roses, love talisman, love potion, love sachet and keeping love alive. To find out about your love-future or to discover other ways you can sweeten your life, get in contact with one of our Readers for a reading - the best love charm of all.



PUBLISHED: 23 February 2018

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