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I’ve Lost My Faith - Please Help

Having psychic sensitivity gives you a direct perception of the spirit world. But these talents can so easily be lost, or undermined. Becoming psychically ‘blind’ can leave you feeling bleak and afraid – what is the meaning of it all? Try not to worry for you can retrieve your abilities and become spiritually aware again.
In this article we look at:
  • What is ‘faith’?
  • Why did you lose it?
  • The effects of materialism
  • Getting your faith back



What we may call ‘faith’ in the spirit world isn’t actually faith at all. It is direct perception. Because of the materialistic world we live in, many people say there is no proof of anything other than this life. So if you believe in Spirit this is an act of faith. But to a person who is psychically sensitive, no faith or belief are involved – any more than the average person might say they had ‘faith’ in the existence of their TV set. Just as we all know perfectly well that our homes, cars, computers etc. are real, if you’re psychically sensitive you know other worlds are real too.
Your perception of other realities is a wonderful comfort. It gives meaning to life, helps you through troubles and brings light into even the darkest hours. Losing this is like going blind in the material world. However, unlike physical blindness, psychic ‘blindness’ can be healed. Once more you can feel connected to the healing presence of Spirit.


Often it can help to pinpoint when and how you lost that spiritual perception. For instance, did something go wrong in your life that made you start to think negatively? Possibly you lost a person you loved, and felt no connection to their spirit. This often happens – people who have passed on do not always communicate with those closest. Very often the contact is with someone less dear, so that emotions do not get in the way.
Perhaps a relationship went wrong, you lost your job or even your home. Misfortunes like this can make the Universe seem a very unforgiving place, and the pattern and meaning to your life events may seem to have disappeared. That’s understandable. However, it doesn’t have to last. Once you start to question your negative reaction you can set yourself on the road to recovery.


Our culture is largely based on the belief that this world is all there is. Science is what most people ‘believe’ in because it can be seen to work with practical things. However, the belief that all of existence is the material world as we know it and that the Universe works simply on cause and effect is just that – a belief. Those who take the view that science can and will totally explain everything are making an act of faith, just like any other belief, because at this point science has not succeeded in explaining everything.
But this materialistic viewpoint is very powerful, and when you are unsure and vulnerable, it can take you over. Remind yourself that there are other ways of looking at things. There are other cultures on this earth that live happy, meaningful lives taking a very different outlook. Even if you have lost your connection with Spirit, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by materialism. After all, when did it make anyone truly happy?


There are many things you can do to get your spirituality back, but the first thing to realise is that you can’t force this, or it could have the opposite effect. Think of yourself as opening the door to Spirit, rather than insisting it returns.
Acknowledge any anger you may have. The Universe can seem very unfair and it’s fine to rage at God or Goddess for anything painful that’s happened – the Divine is big enough to take all that and forgive you! One day you may see a pattern emerging, but for now you’re understandably angry. Try to give yourself gentle acceptance.
Acknowledge your fears, too. It’s isolating to feel cut off from Spirit. If that has been your consolation all your life, things may look bleak now. There may also be more specific fears that cling to you, such as fear of failure, poverty, pain, loneliness – all the usual negatives that we have to deal with. Accept your fears, but realise that they are fears, not some real challenge you have to deal with, and counter them with positive imaginings.
Create a climate where Spirit is welcome, by relaxing and meditating whenever you can. Do this without going for a result – just enjoy the process.
Spend as much time as you can in the natural world, close to trees, plants and animals. Let them soothe you and heal you, again without striving for a result. There is so much blessing out there so let it flow your way.
Read encouraging books by people who have lost their faith and found it again, or have never had spirituality to guide them until one day the light broke through. Avoid people who cast doubt on Spirit until you have the strength to cope with their negative input. Instead be with people you respect who have a true awareness of the subtle planes.
By all means try some new discipline, such as dowsing, psychometry, telepathy or whatever appeals, but do this with a sense of play – again, always avoid forcing the issue.
Keep a notebook of all relevant experiences and anything uplifting or inspiring that comes your way. Happy images will all help your recovery.
The spirit world is always there, waiting for you to reconnect. Keep your mind and heart open and soon they will be filled with blessing.



In this article we’ve looked at what is ‘faith’, why you may have lost it, materialism, and how you can get back that connection to Spirit. With patience and openness you will recover. But why not take a massive step in the right direction by contacting one of our inspirational Readers. They will set you back on track and enable you to see that the spiritual world is available to you, and sending you healing and blessing.


PUBLISHED: 12 June 2017

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