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Inviting Fairies into Your Garden


Fairies are far more than creatures of children’s fiction.  In the following we examine:

  • What are fairies
  • How to become aware of them
  • How to attract fairies into your life and garden





Fairies are nature spirits, the very essence of the lives of plants, trees, rocks and streams.  Some fairies are very simple, coming into being as flowers bloom then absorbed back into the universal energy when they die.  Others are very powerful entities that act as protectors of whole areas.  Your garden will have its own guiding spirit, as well as the smaller beings that make it vibrant.

Fairies are often drawn as tiny, pretty creatures, peeping from behind flower stems or sleeping on leaves.  Fairies can be delicate and enchanting, but they can also be tricky and even threatening.  Humans do not show respect for the natural world and so we are not in tune, and not always welcome.  You may sense this if you go out into nature on your own – some places can feel cold and threatening.  If this happens it is best to leave, or if this is somewhere you want and need to be, bring an offering of spring-water, or seeds and see if the ‘vibe’ changes.

We think of fairies as human-shaped, but often this is because spirit beings choose to manifest in a form we can relate to.  Some fairies take the form of animals, and some may simply be balls of light.  You do not actually have to see fairies in order to know they are there.  Often you will sense their presence, in the same way you can sense an ‘atmosphere’ in a room where two people have been arguing, or sharing secrets.




The first step in attracting fairies is to tune in to the ones that are already there.

  • Get out and about.  If you love your garden you probably already spend time there, but do this also at unusual times, such as when it’s raining, or after dark, especially by moonlight.  Sleep out in it if you can, and record your dreams
  • Fairies love the ‘in between’ times, of dusk and dawn, midday and midnight, when there is a shift of energy.  They also love ‘in between’ places, such as hedgerows, doorsteps and beside ponds
  • Practice mindfulness as you sit or stand in your garden.  Relax, be aware of your breath as you gently inhale and exhale and tune in to the quality of the moment.  Become especially aware of scents and sounds and just enjoy that sense of being peacefully present for as long as you can.  Probably you will find you become aware of fairy presence, close by
  • Notice your body.  Are you experiencing tingles, tickles or twitches?  Is your tummy fluttering?
  • Notice your emotions.  Are you joyful, uneasy, expectant?
  • Fairies may show themselves through a whisper in the leaves, a scent, a ripple in the grass, a stillness in the air or an inexplicable loss of time.  You may get a picture of them in your mind, or you may actually see them




When you feel open to the fairy realm you can begin drawing these subtle beings closer.

  • Any living being wants love.  When in your garden pour out as much love as you can into your surroundings.  Touch the earth with love, handle plants with loving awareness
  • Leave a patch of your garden to grow completely wild.  The fairies will appreciate this respect
  • By contrast, reclaim anything that is messy, full of rubbish or barren, for energy will be stagnant here and not attractive to fairies
  • Tune in to the energies in your garden, rather than imposing your own view.  What does this patch of land ‘want’ to be?  The fairies will let you know
  • Work in your garden – fairies respond to industry.  If you don’t much like gardening itself, take other work such as writing or sewing out into the garden to do
  • When you have a special meal or family celebration, scatter a little outside for the fairies
  • Talk to the fairies!  This can feel strange at first and you may not want the neighbours to hear.  However, only by truly behaving as if these creatures are there can you become aware of them – no-one likes to be ignored!
  • Create a fairy dell among bushes or a fairy castle with stones.  Decorate it with wind-chimes and ornaments, including fairy figures.  The fairies will be amused to see how humans picture them
  • Avoid wearing metals like iron and don’t have iron garden ornaments.  Silver, gold, wood, rocks and crystals are another matter
  • Oak and ash and thorn are called the ‘Fairy Triad’.  If your garden is big enough you can create a fairy glade with these trees
  • Foxgloves are very much a fairy flower.  Similarly wild thyme, herb Robert and red campion
  • Growing blue and red primroses will attract fairies
  • Roses, especially the wild dog-rose, attract fairies
  • Wearing thyme attracts fairies, and all herbs are loved by them



In this article we have looked at what fairies are, how to become aware of them, and attract them.  Drawing close to the Fair Folk is a wonderful experience, enabling you to realise what a marvelous universe of opportunity and potential this is.  However, sometimes fairy contact does not go smoothly.  You may feel frustrated, or that your negative thinking is getting in the way of the fairies.  Trying to see fairies to relieve depression may be counter-productive, and you could feel more ‘down’ if you think they are shutting you out.  Please don’t despair!  Our sensitive Readers are there to help you with all your emotions and are so much easier to contact than the Fair Folk, so put in a call and feel better immediately!



PUBLISHED: 2 June 2016

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