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Intuition isn’t used just by psychics and mediums. Each one of us possesses intuitive talents. Even if you wouldn’t label yourself ‘intuitive’, the chances are you are using this faculty without realising it. Intuition can give you a tremendous advantage, both practically and in countless other ways. The good news is that you have it and you can develop it. Resolve to exploit your wonderful sixth sense.




Intuition has more than one meaning, although those meanings are similar.  The great analytical psychologist Carl Gustav Jung defined Intuition as one of the four functions of consciousness, along with Thinking, Feeling and Sensation.  Thinking evaluates the world by reason, Feeling by human needs and emotions.  Sensation perceives things by means of the ‘normal’ five senses, while Intuition perceives the ‘whole’ and uses this to see beyond.
Jung’s taught that we all have these four functions, but we each favour one or two.  An engineer, for instance, will probably  prioritise Thinking and Sensation, a counselor Feeling and Intuition, and so on.  As we mature we may bring in a third Function.  Jung described the process of using our fourth, undeveloped function as ‘the process of individuation’. 
Intuition may well be the last function on the list because our culture does not value it – in fact many people barely believe in it.  Because of this many Intuitives suppress their abilities, trying to use other functions instead.  This often makes them unhappy, and less effectual than they could be.  
For the purposes of this article we are bearing in mind Jung’s definition, but that’s only one way of looking at it.  Jung proved that Intuition is a true power, but you do not have to go all out to develop your ‘Intuitive Function’ in order to listen to your instincts.
Your intuition may come through seeing the Big Picture, being aware of niggly feelings or through psychic development.  But you don’t have to become a ‘psychic’ to be intuitive.  Start to make use of your birthright and let that hidden talent grow.


The harmony and balance of the natural world offers one of the best routes to becoming intuitive. If you want your instincts to flow, get out there, in all winds and weathers, and soak it up. As you walk round, make sure you’re really present in the moment – don’t let your thoughts wander into your worries or ‘to do’ list.
Really look at everything you see. Notice the trees, grass, sky – all the shapes and textures. Breathe in scents, listen to sounds, feel the breeze in your hair and the textures of leaf and bark – even be aware of the taste on your tongue. Sit close to trees and absorb their essence – all of this will help you ‘connect’.



You know the phrase ‘gut feeling’.  Believe it or not, our gut cells amount to a brain the size of a cat’s!  Cats, of course, are creatures of instinct.  In addition to your body itself, there are countless helpful bacteria in your gut that are all tuned in to what they, and you, need for survival.  
Your gut reacts to your moods and feelings, of course, but it also responds to things that haven’t yet happened, or are hidden from other senses.  Start to keep a diary of how your gut feels, and tie this in with what else is happening.  You will probably spot a pattern.  If you get a sinking feeling it could be a warning of something difficult ahead, fluttery feelings mean excitement, etc.
Other parts of your body can also give you clues.  Maybe you feel especially restless, or there is a part of you that has a persistent itch, or you’re inexplicably cold.  All of these may be telling you something your conscious mind has yet to register.



Like any muscle, your intuition needs to be exercised.  It is good to do this in a group, because you need to verify your perceptions.  Try:
  • Looking at a photo of a person or place and seeing what comes to mind.  What sort of a person is/was this?  What were their hopes and fears, their experiences and personality?  Say the first things that come into your mind and don’t worry if you’ve got it wrong, because freeing your intuition is about setting up a flow
  • Psychometry is the art of picking up impressions from a personal object.  Hold the object in your palm and note your feelings, any mental pictures you see, tunes or voices that come to mind, physical sensations etc. Run these by the person who has brought, or owned the object, to see if you are ‘on beam’
  • Practice telepathy, taking it in turns to send and receive thoughts, feelings and pictures
  • Practice meditation, inwardly chanting the mantra ‘My intuition flows’.  You can do this listening to calming music.  Whenever your mind wanders, the mantra will bring you back.  The chatter of the conscious mind will be stilled and you will feel calm and clear.  After doing this for a while, you’ll find that questions you’ve been asking yourself seem to answer themselves
  • Look for images in a bowl of water or crystal ball.  This is called ‘scrying’.  Focus your eyes deep below the surface.  It may seem as if you ‘see’ images, or they may form in your mind’s eye
  • Keep a note of all dreams you remember – are any of them precognitive?  By keeping a record you will begin to see how your dreams connect with your life





Now you understand about the function of intuition, the role of nature, gut feelings and various ways to practice your intuitive faculty.  Hopefully you are now on the track of instinctual wisdom. However, if you need help and advice, either on strengthening your intuition or about matters your own intuition isn’t clear about, our wonderful Readers are just a call away. Don’t hesitate to get in contact.


PUBLISHED: 18 October 2016

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