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The Traits of the Indigo Children


Crystal children, indigo children and rainbow children all have something in common by connecting with the spiritual universe


Depending on your age, you may not be aware that you are an indigo child. Indigo children can be any age but were mostly born in the 1970’s. They share the same characteristics traits as the crystal children and both generations are spiritual, psychic and highly sensitive. They feel that they have an important life purpose, and often want to take action against systems that have a negative effect or that no longer serve in this world. Crystal children, indigo children and rainbow children all have something in common by connecting with the spiritual universe and feeling they want to have a positive effect in the world with their existence.




Indigo children are believed to travel between the physical world and the spiritual world at night. It is said that this is something that we all did years ago but through conditioning and disconnecting with our higher self we have forgotten how to make this connection. This generation of lightworkers have a warrior energy about them. They live in determination to put the world in order and to change the views of others, helping them to connect spiritually. Their behaviour has made parents and teachers change the way that children are treated, banishing corporal punishment and the encouraging the creations of new systems that support the spiritual wellbeing of a child. Indigo adults and indigo children have high self-esteem and they believe in themselves, struggle to follow rules, and question anyone in power who they believe are negative influences. At the same time, they can also have the extreme opposite with low self-esteem and confidence.





Here are some of the typical characteristics and traits of indigo adults and indigo children:



  • Creative – interested in art, music or craft. Have a natural artistic flair for creativity.
  • Strong willed & headstrong – adamant that they are correct in situations and will refuse to follow the rules if they believe they are wrong
  • Born in the 1970’s or after
  • Difficult in sleeping – prone to insomnia, bad dreams, restless sleep and difficult in relaxing to fall asleep
  • Addictions – can easily become addicted to drugs, alcohol or other substances.
  • Psychic – naturally has strong intuition, psychic, may seems to be an ‘old soul’ – wise in their words and mature in their thinking
  • Behavioural issues – possibly been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD
  • Animals – has a natural ability to communicate with animals and often creates a deep bond with them
  • Boredom – easily gets bored, seems restless and constantly needs to be busy
  • Depression – may be prone to depression and suicidal thoughts
  • Friendships – craves deep and long lasting friendships. Does not understand fallouts with friends and can get very distraught

They encourage us to connect with the universe and our higher selves





The rainbow, crystal and indigo children have been brought in to the world as teachers. They encourage us to connect with the universe and our higher selves, reminding us of how we should live and act spiritually. The rainbow children are believed to have never lived on the earth plane before, so do not have lessons that they need to overcome or learn from a past life. They are fearless and are here to serve because they are already at their spiritual peak. Crystal children have hypnotic eyes and appear as old souls, wise beyond their years. They are friendly, happy and forgiving people and are the indicators for what the universe wants humanity to become. Indigo adults and children, rainbow children and crystal children all have a strong link to the universe, they are psychic and intuitive and can read others like a book. They work on their gut feeling most of the time and are therefore fairly successful people who have managed to dispel negative influences throughout their life.


From the moment they are born, they absorb information like a sponge…





Indigo children have an infinite ability to learn. From the moment they are born, they absorb information like a sponge, especially if it is a creative subject or something they have a keen interest in. Often they create experiences so that they can learn as they go through life. They like to find solutions and often do this using the knowledge that they have combined with their natural instincts. Indigo children have a mature attitude to life and their behaviour as a child is better if they are treated and respected like an adult. They have an uncanny ability to see through hidden agendas, especially if it involves someone trying to manipulate them. Crystal children, rainbow children and indigo children are here to make the world a better place, they are sent from the universe to resolve problems that humanity is facing. Do not supress them, but instead encourage them with love and support.



PUBLISHED: 30 March 2016

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