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Imagination - It’s Role In Intuition

Dreams and fantasies are often dismissed as ‘just imagination’. What cannot be seen, touched or heard in the ‘real’ world is usually regarded by our culture as unimportant and having no actual existence. But to dismiss the power of imagination in this way is to push away one of the most important faculties we have.
Here we look at:
  • How imagination has shaped your life
  • Taking care not to be negative
  • Seeing imagination as the doorkeeper to intuition
  • Bullet points to develop imagination/intuition





Every building, every car, every lamp-post, every painting, every piece of music existed first in someone’s imagination. Unless you envision something, how can you create it? Imagination is central to creativity, and respecting your imagination is the start of becoming intuitive.
Several inventions that have been written about in fiction have since become fact. Some scientists look to science fiction for ideas to develop and progress has come from this. Is this because the fiction writers were brilliant scientists? Not really. But writers think outside the box and have the courage and freedom to ‘just imagine’. By doing this they are freeing their intuition and may ‘channel’ what’s going to happen in the future.


Many people are naturally a bit anxious. This is a survival mechanism left over from the Stone Ages, because our forbears ‘imagined’ danger and so managed to avoid it. Anxiety arises from negative imagination, and in primitive times no doubt it saved lives. However, these days dwelling on what can go wrong is the last thing we need for productive lives.  
Self-help programmes are always telling us we must think positive, because what we think about is what we will attract. Luckily, positive thoughts are much stronger than negative ones. Of course, if you’re always focussing on disaster you will be a magnet for misfortune. Quite probably you know at least one or two pessimistic people who are forever expecting the worst and, sure enough, always have some misfortune to moan about. That takes almost permanent negativity to bring about!
All you need are some optimistic imaginings, pictures of the future that are happy and fulfilling, and you begin to create good things.  It’s a kind of magic – the magic of imagination.



Intuitively you know a great many things that your logical mind zones out. This is because they do not make apparent sense, or because knowing such things goes against the laws of known science. Imagination is closely related to intuition. It can be easier to liberate your imagination because your mind can say it’s ‘just for fun’ while listening to intuition is regarded as creepy by some. Once the imagination runs free it takes intuition by the hand and they run together.



Here is a list of things you can do, to increase your imaginative power.
  • Start by committing yourself to respecting your imagination. Pull yourself up if you catch yourself dismissing it.
  • Think about all that you value in your life. This could be your partner, your children, your home, your job. Realise how much of this once existed only in your imagination and appreciate that it was imagination that empowered you to create it
  • Recording your dreams is always a good idea. However, you should also record your daydreams. What goes through your mind when it’s wandering? All of this is important, in varying degrees
  • Exercise your imagination by making up stories. These do not have to have complicated plots. For instance, you may see a stranger walking down the road and concoct his or her life story, what they are thinking about, what are their goals, joys and sorrows. Or even spin a yarn around a piece of litter! Who threw that crisp packet down, and why? Soon you will find these flights of fancy come easily to you
  • Write fiction, if you like. Simple plots about people you can identify with
  • Once you find the act of imagining comes smoothly, start to apply this to times and occasions. What do you imagine is going to happen tomorrow? Flesh this out in as much detail as you like and preferably write it down. What do you imagine will happen at an event you’re going to attend? What may happen to a friend who is going to try something new? Make sure you don’t focus on anything that matters greatly to you, for then your fears may kick in creating negative fantasies
  • Be playful. Imagination and intuition both love play. While your mind is in play mode it is open to revelations
  • You can, of course, use your imagination to create your future. Want something very much? Forget for a moment how you’re going to get it and imagine like mad that you’ve got it. That way you use the Law of Attraction to improve your life
  • Practice using your imagination daily and record what you ‘imagine’. Soon you will find that what you imagine often comes true – and that’s your intuition working
  • Finally, another word about negativity. Of course bad things can happen and when your intuition is working you may sense these. However, it’s best not to dwell on this. As we have seen focusing on unpleasant stuff can eventually make it happen, so be up-beat and let your wonderful imagination lead you into fulfilment



We’ve looked at the vital role of imagination in productive life, taking care not to be negative, seeing imagination as intuition’s doorkeeper and finally a list of ways to develop imagination. The more you practice the deeper will be your insight. However, you can know so many things and see clearly with a consultation with one of our wise Readers, so if there are things you’d like to know and advice you seek, why wait? Someone whose intuition is already highly developed waits for you just a call away, so make contact without delay to get your messages.



PUBLISHED: 26 February 2018

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