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The I Ching


What is I Ching and how does an I Ching reading work? Discover detailed insight to current situations that are worrying you…


What is I Ching? The I Ching is the oldest oracle and has been around for more than 2,500 years. It is the book of Chinese wisdom and contains ancient oral traditions, offering wisdom and advice. It is used by many who work with divination. The I Ching is an album of texts, advice given as poetry, and philosophy, brought together by beautiful images. The book is divided into 64 chapters, known as the 64 hexagrams, each presented as six lines.




I Ching hexagrams are sets of six lines that may appear as broken or unbroken. The broken lines relate to ‘Yin’ and the unbroken lines represent ‘Yang’. Yin is based on feminine energy and can be described as earthly or inactive, whereas Yang is more masculine, active and spiritual. The hexagram is decided by the I Ching by throwing the three coins (also known as ‘yarrow sticks’) and the Book of Changes will choose the hexagram which is best suited to answer your questions about any situation. There are 64 hexagrams and each is indicated by a number that is universal.
The I Ching is known as the Book of Changes because it offers guidance as to how to change your life or a situation by bringing deeper insight which will empower you…




Consulting the I Ching brings greater wisdom, good advice, and sound knowledge. A reading is usually carried out by tossing three coins six times and writing down the number of heads and tails. The pattern that you have written down after you have tossed the coins gives you your reading and the answers to your questions. The hexagram shows how the energy is flowing through the situation and can be translated so that it is personal to the reading. The I Ching is known as the Book of Changes because it offers guidance as to how to change your life or a situation by bringing you deeper and empowering insight. You can have a reading with I Ching online that may give you some guidance, although some people prefer actually seeing an I Ching expert.




The I Ching brings you into close contact with your current situation. It offers advice and insight, showing you the fundamental changes that need to occur for a smoother balance in life. An I Ching reading can look at several areas of your life in detail, including:

  • RELATIONSHIPS: I Ching helps you to understand your partner’s feelings and what their outlook is of your relationship. It shows you how to bring harmony and improve communication so that you both interact better, and can make changes to lay stronger foundations for you both.


  • WORK OR CAREER: The I Ching is known to have been consulted by high flying businessmen over the years and has offered sound advice when major decisions need to be made. It can be so detailed that it can show how working relationships may unfold and how a company needs to change to be more successful.


  • FAMILY CONCERNS: Looking at relationships within the family, the I Ching will give its oracle wisdom to determine what needs to change to create a happier home life. It connects us closely to the situation with deep insight for a clearer view and shows us what differences need to be settled or what needs to be negotiated.


  • THE FUTURE: The I Ching can read into the future if the situation is connected to something which is currently happening. For example, if we are going through a difficult time in our relationship, it can show outcomes by working through the I Ching’s unparalleled insight to present circumstances.

 It will show potential opportunities and challenges, and offer advice as to how best to handle them…




The hexagrams in an I Ching reading will highlight changes that can be made in a situation, such as receiving, learning, waiting and creating. It will show potential opportunities and challenges, and offer advice as to how best to handle them. It assists you in seeing a situation from a wider perspective and can therefore forearm you with knowledge about what you need to do in order to get the most successful outcome. The I Ching gives you answers to your questions and provides you with knowledge, but is not a fortune telling tool. Instead, it empowers you further by equipping you with the wisdom to make your own free choices for a desired outcome.





I Ching readings are a great way to get deep insight into a current situation that is concerning you. It offers universally-led Chinese wisdom that helps you to change circumstances for the better. Are you stuck in a rut with your relationship, or unsure whether to change your work? Speak to the UK’s most experienced Psychics, Mediums and Clairvoyants at TheCircle for life-changing insight and guidance for your future.



PUBLISHED: 5 August 2016

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