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You’ve got your eye on someone, it may be the man working on the second floor at work, or perhaps it’s the guy you’ve just spotted the other side of the crowded bar. Either way you now need to make the next move and get him to notice you. Attraction is a curious phenomenon, and what draws people together is a combination of factors. There is no hard and fast rule on how to attract someone, but scientists have come up with common ways of attracting a potential mate that can be applied across the board. Follow these tips and see for yourself how well they work. Good luck!


Quiet confidence with a touch of subtlety

Men like confidence in a woman but not brashness. If you show a man that you are confident with yourself and your surroundings, it will draw him to you, igniting the initial spark of interest. It works both ways; a shy, insecure-looking man is probably unlikely to attract your attention in a room full of people, just as a shrinking violet is unlikely to catch his.

But you don’t want to go overboard, scientific studies have shown that men are drawn to quietly confident women, but subtlety is the key to catching their eye, which leads us onto the first step: eye contact. If the object of your desire it standing across a crowded room or bar, send the occasional glance in their direction and try to make eye contact, if you combine it with a smile, even better. This approach can be used to the same effect if the man you’re interested is someone at work or a man you see on your daily commute to work. Most men need encouragement. They often don’t pick up on our subtle signals, and what might seem apparent to another woman will go unnoticed by a man. He may indeed have been watching you from afar or you might have been the object of his desire for a while, without him making the first move. Believe it or not, men are a lot less confident in the affairs of the heart than they lead us to believe. A woman often needs to spell it out to a man that they’re interested before they will make a move. Frustrating as that may sound, it can be worth it in the end, when you realise that the man really is interested in getting to know you. According to research, sending out the right signals counts more than appearance. So don’t be shy, start sending out those subtle but surefire signals.



Just good friends?

Take a look around your circle of friends: How many of them are single, eligible men that take your fancy? It is true that men are twice as sexually attracted to their female friends than women are to their male friends. If you’re already friends with the man, you’re halfway there. Chris had been friends with Julia for a few years. He was instantly attracted to her and they found that they got on very well and had common interests and opinions. Julia was aware that his feelings towards her might extend beyond friendship but wasn’t sure of her feelings. Chris never attempted to make a move on Julia, so they carried on being friends. Their friendship continued and grew over a few years and it became more and more apparent to Julia that the sexual tension between them was growing. But she didn’t want to jeopardise their friendship. After a rollercoaster of a relationship and a nasty break-up, she started seeing Chris with different eyes. Her attraction for him that had been growing inside her was now hard to suppress. Chris meanwhile still felt the same but didn’t have the confidence to make the first move. As mentioned previously, men do need encouragement from women before they make that all important move and sometimes it just takes a couple of little hints from us. It wasn’t until after a lot of mutual flirting and a few glasses of wine one evening that Julia gave Chris the green light so to speak, and he finally made a move. Their friendship turned into a lot more, with the added advantage that they already knew each other quite well and were comfortable in each other’s company.


It’s all in the details

Men like a little bit of flattery, and who doesn’t. Show an interest in him and the things he talks about. Laugh at his jokes and smile while you’re talking to him. Appearances are important but it will be your personality and charm that will sustain his interest. Give him a reason to think about you, wear something pretty and eye-catching, or a seductive perfume that will linger on his clothes after you’ve kissed him goodbye. But remember to leave something to his imagination. An air of mystery can be very provocative and sexy to a man.


Be original

Finally, make sure you stand out from the rest. It’s you he should fall for, not the others. Be original and interesting by showing this through your appearance, personality and the way you act around him. But don’t try to be something or someone you’re not, just be yourself and win him over with your charm, intelligence and individuality. Good luck!

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