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Learn How To Meditate


How to meditate and find peace, clarity and happiness. Get tips for meditation and overcome bad habits to support your wellbeing…


Mediation dates back centuries and is practised all over the world, often being a daily routine in many cultures and religions. It is believed to be the art of finding happiness and helps us to overcome bad habits, connecting with our inner thoughts and emotions and freeing ourselves of worries and concerns. Learn meditation to understand the benefits for mental and physical wellbeing, help to combat stress and tension, support yourself from the effects that modern day influences can bring.
Our mind is like a power station, feeding us with constant information, whether it’s useful or not…



In our everyday life we are constantly thinking. We may not always be aware of this so focusing on your thoughts can give you a surprising realisation of the busyness of the mind. Often we are doing something or giving our full attention to a task and we do not realise that although we feel fully focused, we are usually thinking of several other things at the same time. Our mind is like a power station, feeding us with constant information, whether it’s useful or not. It can often create negative thought patterns, exaggerating stories in our mind or making us feel weak to overcome bad habits. Meditation is a practice that helps us to take control and empty our mind, so that we can learn to switch off and relax properly. It helps us to connect with ourselves on a deeper level, finding clarity and peacefulness within. There are several ways to temporarily relax but you can learn meditation for a powerful way of getting time out. If it is practised long-term, it can be very helpful in how you operate in life.



If you want to learn how to meditate then first of all you must understand that meditation comes with practice. To learn meditation is to perfectly empty the mind of thoughts. When you start to learn how to meditate, you will still find that thoughts or worries creep in out of nowhere so you must try to clear them. Over time you will find that you will be able to empty your mind completely, freeing yourself of current concerns or profound thoughts that would normally be there. Tips for meditation before you begin, include choosing a calm and comfortable place to sit. It is better to have complete silence when you meditate because it allows you to have a stronger connection with yourself, instead of your mind focusing on background noise. Here are six simple steps to meditation:
POSITION: Find a comfortable sitting position, either sat in a chair or cross-legged on the floor. Make sure you sit straight and do not slump.
EYES OPEN: Make sure you keep your eyes open but relaxed. If you close your eyes you are more likely to lose focus and thoughts will be more present. Keeping your eyes open keeps you in the here and now.
BREATHE: Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Breathing deeply will help you to relax and gives you something to focus on. Focussing on your breath helps you to lose the focus of your thoughts.
EMPTY YOUR MIND: If thoughts come in to your mind, acknowledge them and then focus back on your breathing, this will help the thoughts to disappear. Do not get frustrated with thoughts, just let them go.
LET EMOTIONS GO: Strong emotions like sadness, anger or guilt have a way of expanding in our mind, creating fear and other negative feelings. If you are dealing with any emotions, focus on the physical effect they are having on your body. For example, tension in the shoulders – imagine your breath filling the area and the tension melting away when you breathe out.
RELAX: Focus on your breathing and be aware of your body, centre yourself by imagining each part of your body relaxing through very breath.



Meditation helps us to feel calm and at peace. It quietens the mind, emptying it from continuous thoughts or worries that can have a negative effect on our mental health. Learning how to meditate can help us to break thought processes that may be stopping us to overcome bad habits or an unhealthy lifestyle. Regular meditation can help to train our mind to slow down our thought process and be more peaceful, having a positive effect on how we deal with difficult situations. It helps us to become more aware and to have more control over our thoughts which will also have a positive impact on our sub conscious too. Learning how to meditate helps us to release tension and stress from our bodies, having an overall positive influence on our wellbeing.




Psychics, clairvoyants and mediums regularly use meditation to connect with their inner self, and will often carry out a mediation session before their readings. Meditation helps you to find peace and happiness, having a positive effect on your outlook on life. Empower yourself and hear insight on your future with a psychic reading or get tips for meditation. Speak to one of our gifted Readers at TheCircle for guidance in love, relationships, work and family.

PUBLISHED: 19 October 2016
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