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How to develop your psychic protection


All of us experience negativity at some point or another and some of us are better at handling it than others, psychic protection can be used to help shield us from such negativity.

This can be as easy as protecting ourselves from stress by imagining yourself in a bubble that allows any stress or anxiety that is directed towards you to bounce off and away. Stress and anxiety can make you prone to headaches, colds, other illness and psychic attack (negative thoughts from others).


By taking control and protecting yourself psychically all aspects of your life will improve and previous issues or challenges can be overcome.

What is psychic attack?


Psychic attack is just negativity and it can come in many forms:

Anger, jealousy, road rage, stress, news reports of tragedies and death, negative people and even geopathic stress from electromagnetic interference.

Then there is the ultimate in psychic attacks of curses and hexes but they ONLY work if the person who has been cursed believes they have been, the negativity seeps in and overwhelms so in effect they are curing themselves.


Historic protection.


All throughout history there have been different forms of psychic protection from talismans and amulets, lucky charms, crystals. Incense such as sage and of course good old household salt.

These are all worth looking into and seeing if you resonate with any of them and maybe you can set yourself a project of making such an item, it will be more effective if it has your energy in it.

Simple protection techniques.

These can be used whenever you need them.

  • Focus on the positive not the negative.  
  • Imagine a circle of protection around you, a bubble or mirrored egg. 
  • Visualise yourself surrounded by white light from the divine.
  • Carry a protective crystal such as jasper or obsidian.
  • Cross your fingers or cross your body with your arms and legs protecting your solar plexus.
  • Learn to project your aura with deep breathing.
  • Let the negativity of the day go by showering or bathing and seeing the negativity go down the plughole. If bathing use Himalayan bath salts.

Call the fantastic psychic readers at TheCircle who can really help you identify areas of your life that need protection and can help you to see the path ahead so you can make it positive and challenge free. 

Make time for yourself and see all the blessings in your life, such positive thoughts are the best protection we can have. Good things will happen.



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