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Holiday Magic

We all look forward to going on holiday, but sometimes things don’t go quite according to plan. To enjoy your break to the full, follow our tips on:
  • Safety
  • Finding your way
  • Attracting good experiences
  • Attracting spirituality.




Going on holiday is a lovely experience but unknown places and strangers can be dangerous. Travelling itself is also hazardous. Some simple rituals using ancient wisdom will channel the power of your subconscious mind, so you give off an aura of protection.
  • YOUR LUGGAGE. Folk wisdom states that comfrey leaves will protect your property. This a herb with quite large leaves that you can obtain at most garden centres. Hold a few of the leaves between your palms and imagine that you and your luggage are surrounded by a protective barrier. This can keep your belongings from loss, theft and damage
  • PERSONAL PROTECTION. Protect yourself with snowflake obsidian. Hold a tumble stone against you, low down on your abdomen, imagining it forming a dark, protective cloak around you. Carry the stone with you at all times
  • CAR SAFETY To prevent car accidents pour boiling water over a few sprigs of the herb feverfew, which is sacred to the peaceful goddess Venus. Add this to your bath before the journey, imagining the herb creating a protective glow around you. Carry feverfew in the car for extra power
  • SAFETY ON THE OCEAN  1) Even these days shipwrecks occasionally happen, and if you’re travelling in a smaller boat you need some extra protection. The Moon rules the seas and the beautiful stone aquamarine is linked to water and the Moon. Carry this with you for safe travel on the ocean
  • SAFETY ON THE OCEAN 2) Before you travel, go to the sea shore and gather some seaweed. Circle a turquoise candle with the seaweed, and ask the Nereids (sea nymphs) to protect you. Imagine your boat surrounded by these beautiful creatures, smiling and giving their blessing to your voyage, guiding your vessel with their gentle, invisible hands. When you are on the boat, throw a little of the seaweed overboard, saying thanks for their protection. 
  • SAFE FLYING 1) Going by plane is the safest form of travel. However, many people are still nervous when going by plane. For some extra assurance, call on the Celtic goddess Brigid to watch over you. She is goddess of fire, among many other powers, and brings healing and safety to any who follow their inspiration. Carry with you nine blackberry leaves (blackberry is sacred to Brigid) and repeat, ‘Brigid, Lady kind and bright, Bless me now, on my flight’  
  • SAFE FLYING 2) Also to ensure safe flight you can rub
  • Sandalwood oil into a white candle and surround the candle with three feathers you have gathered on walks. Burn the candle chanting Bright Brigid, goddess of the sky, Protect me all the while I fly. Carry the three feathers in your hand luggage.





Not sure quite where you’re going? Maybe you’re worried you won’t get the experience you want, that you’ll make the wrong choices – or simply get lost! Hecate, traveller’s goddess with three faces, can help. Ring a white candle with a silver necklace and poppy seeds. Light the candle and say Hecate hear this traveller’s plea, At each cross-roads my guidance be.’ Wear the silver necklace throughout your travels and scatter the poppy-seeds at a T-junction.




The Law of Attraction states that we draw to us what we imagine and what we focus on. To ensure positive results, meditate at the Full Moon before your departure. Imagine the light of the moon entering your solar plexus, spreading through your being and forming a glowing sphere around you. See yourself as a shining magnet for inspiring experiences and interesting encounters. As you imagine intensely, press together the tips of your left thumb and forefinger. Do this at least seven times. On your travels, whenever you need to re-boot that magnetism, close your eyes and repeat the thumb and forefinger movement, and the power will come flooding back.




The best holidays aren’t just about relaxing and having a good time – although these are important. Holidays that you truly remember and change your life are those when you experience something on a spiritual level. Ask yourself what place seems sacred to you? What part of the earth, far or near, calls to you? The land gives us life and is a gift of the Goddess, or God, however you like to look at it. So anywhere you visit can be an act of reverence, if you do so mindfully. Find out a little about the past and what deities – if any – were worshipped there. Absorb the essence of the place and leave a gift, even if this is only a small prayer for the welfare of the planet.




We have looked at safety issues – always important when travelling – at finding your way and having pleasurable and spiritual experiences. Holidays are a wonderful opportunity to regenerate, but sometimes life doesn’t work out quite like that. Maybe your holiday plans went wrong or possibly you can’t go on holiday at all. But what you can do is book yourself a little holiday for your mind and spirit by phoning one of our uplifting Readers for some encouragement and wise comments. Put in a call today and feel as if you just returned from ten days in the sunshine!


PUBLISHED: 23 June 2017

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