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It’s a brand new year and the time when we feel full of hope and inspiration — at least that’s what we hope for! Nerves can get frayed over the holiday period, but now that it’s January we have the opportunity to review our relationships and the ways we can make them more positive. Start this year by looking forwards and working out how to handle conflicts with your nearest and dearest.

This month find out how your loved one ticks by checking out our insightful guide into each star sign’s way of getting their point across. Whether you’re dealing with a proud lion, a bull in a china shop, or an oversensitive fishy friend, this guide will ensure you never enter an argument unprepared again!

Aries (a winner with a sense of justice)

These warriors can’t be bothered with complexities and intricacies — a decisive factor when arguing. This makes an Aries self-confident like no other star sign. They will bring an argumentative opponent quickly to a standstill. If it’s about defending the weak, an Aries is the first to step forward. So think long and hard before you challenge an Aries to a duel!

Taurus (all is well and good)

Taureans want to see and spread love among others. Differences of opinion and conflict aren’t part of their everyday lives, in fact it’s not even part of their world. If an argument is brewing, however, they can wrap their opponent around their little finger with incredible charm. Argumentative friends, who under normal circumstances are unable to control their feelings, will find themselves taking responsibility for their mistakes and become gentle all of a sudden in the presence of the calm Taurean.

Gemini (the logical one)

Life is too short to poison it with arguing. The Geminis of the zodiac are always on the move and simply don’t have time for arguments of any kind. Argumentative types will soon lose their nerves with a Gemini, because they simply cannot get Gemini to rise to the occasion. A temperamental opponent will soon pack up and leave, to which the Gemini will simply shrug and say “We needn’t have bothered in the first place!”

Cancer (never forgets)

Cancerians come across as dreamy and on first impressions seem very fragile. But don’t get the wrong idea, in the end it’s always the Cancerian who takes care of others. Similar to Aries, their fighting spirit is awakened if someone needs defending. However their approach is more subtle and logical than that of an Aries. They always have an ace up their sleeves and will resurrect arguments from the past like no other. This water sign is as cool as a cucumber and deliberate in their delivery when arguing.

Leo (proud and astute)

Heard from afar, the sun governed Leo strides along with proud steps. The king or queen of the zodiac is highly aware of their effect on others. Whoever dares to measure up with a Leo soon realises who he’s up against. If you find yourself in an argument with a Leo, make sure you can roar back, because the argument is guaranteed to be loud. And one more tip: don’t show any weakness.

Virgo (restores the calm)

There will never be a situation where these cool customers lose their head in an argument. Their intellect and inner calm means they were meant to lead arguments so that they can ensure things will never get out of hand. The commanding Virgo is always the one who comes up with fair solutions. Whereas the argumentative ones go home placid and happy, the Virgo is the person who will reflect upon the argument for a long time and wonder if they did everything right.

Libra (argues with style)

Librans only get involved in an argument by pure chance. If a Libran is unwittingly caught up in an argument, then they will start to look around for another table to sit at. Arguing just simply isn’t their thing. They prefer to leave it to others and gallantly back out. When all attempts at escape don’t help, then an argument has to have style. Their voice becomes quieter and their gestures reserved. Their tactics remain hidden from others.

Scorpio (if looks could kill)

Scorpios are born with the knowledge that suffering can only make them stronger. And this applies to arguments too. The passionate Scorpio will always be engaged when there is a matter of injustice. They don’t need many words, as their opponent weakens from just the Scorpio’s aura alone. A few deep, dark looks in their rival’s direction is all it takes for them to get tongue-tied.

Sagittarius (a question of honour)

This fire sign has a strong sense of justice. Be careful if you decide to fight with their friends — they are extremely loyal. A Sagittarian not only argues on an intellectual level, but there is also the question of their honour and the honour of friends that they fight for. Things will only get turbulent for a Sagittarian’s opponent if they disagree with their verity.

Capricorn (adhere to the rules)

The Capricorn, cold and aloof, is a good observer. As an stable earth sign they don’t get upset easily. However in an argument a Capricorn will suddenly remember the mistakes of their opponent even if a long time has since passed. A Capricorn never forgets. You can accuse them of being unforgiving and they will argue until the cows come home. A Capricorn will always see themselves as the winner.Aquarius (surprise, surprise)




find it hard to adapt their behaviour to fit in with others, which is why an agreed upon strategy can suddenly go in a completely different direction. With just a few spoken words they can manoeuvre their opponent off the beaten track. Although that doesn’t mean that they won’t compromise, you have to give them the necessary space to do so. Be warned, if you dictate to them, any chance of agreement will be lost.

Pisces (like the waves)

Argumentative types will afterwards regret starting an argument with this sensitive sign. Their look can move you to the core, but don’t let that mislead you! To underestimate a Piscean could result in a momentous mistake. They can seem like Mother Teresa one minute and the next minute they’re picking a fight. This is because their mood is just like the waves and can change in a matter of minutes. Treat them as unpredictable — because they are. But where their heart is concerned they are extremely sensitive souls.  



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