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Happy Summer House


Most houses have a personality.  If you have cared for your home and put effort into it there will be a definite ‘spirit of place’ that welcomes you and enfolds you with love.  As the seasons change, it’s a lovely idea to change the atmosphere in your home, as you adjust and harmonise with the tides of life.  So help your house to become a haven of summer delight with these positive acts and simple rituals.


Read on for :
  • Fire magic
  • Sun magic
  • Fridge magic
  • Quickie tips for good summer vibes


All the four Elements, Earth, Fire Air and Water are important for they symbolize varying states of being, different energies and creative gifts.  Fire is the one that may be most absent from our modern lives, due to central heating and electric lighting, which show no visible flame.  At the same time our climate is mostly cool and grey.  The gifts of Fire are energy, enthusiasm and inspiration, and these may be lacking during Autumn and Winter.
There are two ways you can welcome Fire into your home.  Firstly, you can light a fire in your garden, using a fire-pit, fire-bowl, chimenea or simple bonfire.  You can make a little ceremony of this as the flames catch, by saying;
‘I now welcome all the wonderful qualities of Fire into my heart and hearth.
May this fire burn away Winter’s stagnation and all that is old and outworn
May it inspire us all and fill my home with warmth, laughter and enthusiasm for life.
With blessings and love so may it be.’
Invite friends and family to be part of this, with some feasting and popping of corks as the flames dance.  Invite everyone to throw anything combustible that they no longer want and that carries negative associations onto the fire and celebrate its passing.  Or you can write the things you want to get rid of on scraps of paper and let the flames take them away.  Make sure you include several wishes for your house, such as ‘Take away any bad atmosphere’  ‘Take away the memory of quarrels and disagreements’  ‘Burn away all illness and depression’ etc
(N. B. Show common sense here.  Make sure the things you burn will easily combust.  You do not want toxic fumes, a major conflagration or damage to your fire-bowl or chimenea.  Needless to say fire should always be treated with maximum respect, and there should be fire extinguishing equipment nearby.)
Light a large candle from the bonfire and say ‘May this candle retain all the transformation and inspiration of Fire, to brighten my home.’  Let the candle burn for just a minute, then extinguish.  Place your candle on a special shelf and light it for a few minutes each day, to re-boot the energy of Fire.


The second way you can bring Fire into your home is with the power of the Sun, which is now at its height.  Obtain two clear quartz crystals and cleanse these by running them through spring water, saying ‘May these crystals be purified as they were when the Earth was new.’
Choose one crystal to be your dawn crystal, another to be your dusk crystal.  Look up the times of dawn on the Net and, on a convenient day early in July, set your alarm for before sunrise.  Take your dawn crystal out into the garden, or to an east-facing window or, best of all, to a hilltop.  As the sun rises, hold your crystal to its rays and feel the solar energy filling your crystal with light.  Wrap your crystal in a soft black cloth and take it home, to stand on a special shelf.
Take your dusk crystal out as the sun goes down and do the same.  Your crystals have captured the solar essence as a summer day begins and ends, and can bring this renewing and empowering influence into your home.  Place a large white candle between them and light it regularly, to uplift the atmosphere in your home.


When the weather is hot your fridge is your best friend.  It can be a magical centre with clever use of fridge magnets.  There are plenty available with encouraging messages, so choose something that really resonates with you and surround it by empowering symbols.  For happiness and welcome choose suns and hearts.  For abundance, wheat and fruit shaped magnets are great.  Animals bring their own qualities – dogs faithfulness, cats independence and grace, owls wisdom, foxes cunning etc.  
You can also turn your fridge into a ritual centre for the four Elements of Earth, Air Fire and Water.  Choose magnets that depict them – for instance anything black, brown, terracotta or deep green for Earth, or maybe a picture of Stonehenge, Avebury or similar.  Water could be anything blue, green or purple, lakes or the sea.  Air is anything light blue or yellow, mountain-tops, mini wind-chimes etc and Fire could be the Sun, a beach or anything gold or orange.  Place the Elemental symbols in a circle, clockwise, in the order given.  Water symbolizes healing and emotions, so if someone needs consolation or more understanding is needed, clip a daisy or sprig of herbs under the Water symbol.  For more prosperity hang a gold charm from the Earth symbol.  For better communication, exam success and bright ideas a sprig of lavender under the Air symbol would be great.  This article has looked at the gifts of Fire – to boost these a sprig of rosemary, which is ruled by the Sun, would be perfect.  
During summer, concentrate on the special qualities you want for this uplifting season and use your fridge to ‘magnetise’ them.


  • Bring the freshness of the season into your home by gathering greenery and arranging it in a gold or orange pot.  Renew this regularly.
  • Collect stones with a red or orange tint and arrange these around a gold candle
  • Roses are the flower of summer.  Surround some rose quartz with bowls of these blooms for a summer of love
  • Plant lavender by your front door, so your guests are cool, calm and welcomed



We have looked at how the Element of Fire, the power of the Sun, a little fridge magic and some quickie tips can enhance your home.  If you’ve had trouble at home, these can help greatly, but if you’re really struggling with negativity of some sort, you will need more.  Our Readers are always available with spot on advice to keep you and your home happy and healthy, so if you have the slightest problem or worry, call today for solutions and encouragement.

PUBLISHED: 20 July 2017
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