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Fairies in Your Home


Are you aware of a special atmosphere in your home?  When you’re there alone, do you sometimes feel you are not alone?  Do your cakes rise and your houseplants flourish – sometimes with very little attention?  Maybe there are some corners that feel especially welcoming, and at times your pets seem to be watching something that you can’t see.  If so, you probably have some good fairies in your house, looking after you and yours.  Fairies can be understood as spirits of place, and if your home is on a ley line, you may have many of them!  Fairies are easy to confuse with ghosts, but although Lares may be ancestor-spirits, true fairies were never human.  They are formed from the energies of the earth, ancient, wise and often unpredictable.






These are the most well-known traditional fairies.  They are lone fairies who become attached to a particular house.  Old stories tell us they like to live in dark corners or cupboards, or they may snuggle in a hollow tree outside.  They love to do odd jobs around the home and keep things tidy.  If they are thanked too much they can become offended and may leave altogether – this is because fairies don’t live by our rules.  When they are helpful it’s for the joy of it and so if you thank them it shows you don’t understand.  Brownies like order because it opens the mind and frees the heart.  Far from being boring, order is magical because it relieves the stress that is so often a barrier between humans and positive energy.  If you suspect a brownie is at work round your house, lucky you!  You can show appreciation by leaving out a saucer of milk – the brownie will take the energy from the milk, and the cat can have the rest!   Always play by the brownie’s rules, not yours, and you’ll be blessed.




These were the names given by the Romans to household spirits.  The Lar is a protective fairy that attaches to a family and guards its wealth and interests.  The Lar loves the hearth as it is the heart of the home.  Each month a garland was made and hung over the hearth in honour of the Lar, and like brownies the Lar appreciated the milk-dregs.  Lars sometimes sent omens to the family, such as a flock of white birds when someone has died.  If a family member should be harmed, the Lar might wreak vengeance on the enemy, so this is a great spirit to have in your corner!  The Penates were close companions to the Lares, but they were also linked with the store-room and produce.  Wax or pottery images were made of the Penates and a light kept burning perpetually in front of them, in the household shrine, along with a dish of salt.  This is a kind of prosperity charm, showing that we realize how fortunate we are to be well-fed and acknowledging the powers of Nature. 





These also are hearth fairies and although old tales say they are wrinkled and hairy, they are good-natured unless offended.  If you get on the wrong side of them by laughing at the whole idea of fairies, by being a sloth or generally unkind, hobgoblins can become mischievous, making food go off, fiddling with the electricity and generally being a nuisance.



Show your home-fairies that you value and respect them, and you will be rewarded by a home that feels like a real home, welcoming and safe.  
•    Keep your home clean and tidy.  This does not mean developing OCD!  A little order and a flick with a duster is all it takes to show you appreciate your environment.
•    After each meal, leave a few crumbs out for the fairies, returning an offering in thanks for what you have had.
•    Bring in houseplants, for each plant will have its own fairy that empowers it.
•    Let a corner of your garden grow wild, because that encourages a variety of fairies.
•    Have your own Penates figures, and burn a candle in front of them regularly, perhaps at Full Moon.
•    Be kind to animals – fairies often have a special bond with them.
•    Hang a horseshoe over your door – folklore tells that the fairies swing on it!
•    When you cut a sprig of herbs always thank the plant.

All of these little rituals will enable you to feel in touch with the earth and with fairy-energy, giving ‘soul’ to your home.  If at any time you are puzzled about fairy activity, or if you feel lonely and would like to be connected to the Otherworld folk, get in touch with our intuitive readers at The Circle who will have all the help and information you need.


PUBLISHED: 28 October 2014


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