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Equinox Exuberance


Jupiter, largest of the planets, is perfectly placed to send you over the top around the Spring Equinox on March 20th. Be warned!




At the Equinox the sun moves into your sign and it really feels like your time of year. You feel capable of anything and those close to you may egg you on. But don’t expect too much of them. Their enthusiasm is genuine but they may not have the wherewithal to back it up.
KEYS TO SUCCESS. You’re a self-reliant person so use the words of others to inspire you but expect to complete tasks yourself.


You may feel you’re getting loads done and you’re stunning people with your efficiency, but what are you trying to prove? Deep inside you’re motivated by self doubts, which could mean you’re never satisfied by what you achieve. Careful you don’t run yourself ragged.
KEYS TO SUCCESS. Prioritise jobs, always count what you do accomplish, not what remains to be done and schmooze helpers for their support.


It’s playtime! Why shouldn’t you have wall-to-wall laughs and entertainment? Why not let it all hang out for a while? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a good time, but if you forget the needs of your friends you’ll end up feeling guilty and self-conscious, which isn’t fun at all.
KEYS TO SUCCESS. Always include your mates in your plans and remember that you’re part of a group. You’ll enjoy yourself so much more partying together.


It’s great to have encouragement from your family, and those who tell you that you can do anything you want are right. But the key phrase is ‘anything you want’. For real fulfillment make sure that those high-flying ambitions are yours, not what others believe you should aim for.
KEYS TO SUCCESS. Ask yourself what truly lights your fire, and where you would like to be a year or two from now. That is your true path, so follow it wholeheartedly.


Suddenly you feel able to say a few things that have been bubbling under the surface for a while. It’s great to let it all out, but honesty and openness can go too far. You may think you’re baring your soul but others may feel you’re preaching.
KEYS TO SUCCESS. Communication is more than words. Be aware of the meaning you’re conveying, and the way people are reacting, and make sure you also really listen.


Deep within you know it’s time for a radical change. An actual clear out of your cupboards will help, but old ideas, habits and even relationships may have to go. So what makes you want to ignore all of that and go out and splash your cash instead?
KEYS TO SUCCESS. You can’t buy your happiness. If you waste your money you’ll only feel more unsettled. Get rid of what isn’t right and free yourself for simple pleasures.


You put up with a lot for the sake of peace and quiet, but enough is enough, and you won’t stand for unfairness. You feel like getting on your high horse and insisting your views and needs matter. Fine, but if you show people you’re judging them, how will it improve things?
KEYS TO SUCCESS. Nurture your self esteem in private and assert yourself quietly and calmly. You will get your own way by being firm and dignified.




You feel really motivated to go on a diet, take up an exercise regime or at least make some healthy changes.  But there’s a danger of going too far. A pulled muscle could spoil things, or suppressed needs may destroy your willpower.
KEYS TO SUCCESS. Are you secretly punishing yourself by going without, or forcing yourself to do the impossible? Be kind to yourself and results will improve.


You long for romance – why shouldn’t you have some magic in your life? You feel excited at all that may be available and determined not to let life pass you by. But could you be chasing rainbows and setting yourself up for disappointment?
KEYS TO SUCCESS. By all means be enthusiastic and have faith in life. However, a little realism won’t destroy the enchantment. Keep things in perspective and check out your decisions with wise friends that you respect.


A good work/life balance is what you need but it could be elusive at the moment. Your ambitions have never called you so strongly but just when you think you’re on the right track, family and domestic matters cry out for your attention.
KEYS TO SUCCESS. Keep a note of the small things like birthdays and anniversaries, and each day make sure that those you love know they are loved. This will leave you more free to pursue your aims.


Your beliefs and principles are very important to you, and you can now get swept up in them. But are you forgetting some facts and figures? Ignoring the small print could mean your big ideas don’t take off.
KEYS TO SUCCESS. Analyse all your schemes, talk about them to experts and be contented with modest results. You can’t change the world but you can make a difference.


It’s no bad thing that you’re turning your attention to making money and getting the things you want. In fact some goodies could just drop into your lap now – but don’t just expect that to happen or Lady Luck might change her mind!
KEYS TO SUCCESS. Work hard and be practical. Don’t sit back and do nothing just because you get a good ‘feeling’ – the more effort the greater the payoff.





The planets can give you lots of help when making plans and decisions but sometimes you need personal advice from someone with insight and experience. That’s no problem here at TheCircle. Our Readers have all the knowledge you need to set you on the right track, so put in a call without delay.



PUBLISHED: 24 March 2017

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