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What Your Dreams Mean - Dreaming Of Mirrors


Do you want to know more about yourself? Do you long to take a peek into the future, develop your intuition and feel more in tune with the way your life is shaping up? There is a whole storehouse of wisdom and insight that offers itself to you, nightly, when you dream. Dreams are communications from your subconscious, telling you about your true needs and feelings and giving you hints about what’s to come.  Dreams are often the way those who have died get in touch with us. When you sleep your logical mind shuts down and your instinctual self begins to speak, in signs and symbols. Learn its language and you will be empowered.



Mirrors have long been considered magical objects, opening to another world, or showing the truth about this one.  Vampires have no reflection in the glass because they are not truly alive. However, looking into a dark mirror can give you glimpses of the future or reveal what is hidden, by awakening your psychic senses.  Mirrors have many meanings and in your dreams they are very important.
LOOKING IN THE MIRROR represents a subconscious view of yourself.
STARING AT YOURSELF means you need some self-analysis.  Is something happening to you, or are you doing things you don’t understand?  Take the time to look deeply, in real life, for you are searching for self-awareness.
IF YOU LIKE YOUR REFLECTION then probably you are contented about your position in life, although beware narcissism, which means you are seeing and considering only yourself.
IF YOU ARE EXAMINING YOURSELF you may be trying to understand how others see you.  Or it may be that you are worrying about your appearance, for instance ageing.  Bring these concerns into your daily awareness and improve your appearance, but also remind yourself that it’s the real you within that matters.
IF YOU SEE ANOTHER PERSON THERE then for some reason you don’t recognize yourself.  Maybe you have recently changed massively, or maybe you’re kidding yourself about the way you’re coming over.  This needs some deep thought.  However, it could be that you do recognize the reflection – it may be someone you know, in which case are you giving them your identity and power?  At a deeper level, this person’s subconscious may be trying to communicate to you.  If the person you see is no longer alive, then it could be that they are trying to communicate with you from the other side.  Take note.

A BROKEN MIRROR isn’t the sign of bad luck that it’s supposed to be in real life.  However, it can be challenging and dramatic.  It means the end of a way of looking at things, saying goodbye to old attitudes or breaking a habit.
IF THE GLASS HAS A CRACK IN IT then you probably have a poor, or damaged self-image.  You’re unsatisfied with how you’ve been behaving.  What can you do to alter this, and to build your self-esteem?
IF YOU HAVE NO REFLECTION it doesn’t mean you’re one of the Undead!  However, you are uncertain of your identity, maybe you’ve lost your sense of ‘yourself’ or you’ve gone through a big change that means you hardly recognize yourself.
IF THE GLASS IS STEAMED UP then some answers are not available to you, some things aren’t clear.  Be patient and keep searching.
Look out for other dream interpretations on this website.  Of course there are times when you need some insight and positive input that you can’t get through dreams or in any way on your own. You may also want someone wise to talk to about your dreams.  Don’t worry – at The Circle we have all that you could wish for in psychic readings and clairvoyant readings.  Why not call us today, to be connected to a medium, or psychic and to feel supported and guided.
PUBLISHED: 1.05.2021

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