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What Your Dreams Mean - Pregnancy And Baby


Do you want to know more about what your dreams mean? If you were pregnant in a dream, that doesn’t translate to getting pregnant in waking life. The same is with seeing a baby in a dream. 



Dreams are communications from your subconscious, telling you about your true needs and feelings and giving you hints about what’s to come. Dreams are often the way those who have died get in touch with us. When you sleep your logical mind shuts down and your instinctual self begins to speak, in signs and symbols. Learn its language and you will be empowered by knowing what your dreams mean.


Pregnancy, or at least being pregnant in a dream, means fertility and the promise of something fresh and inspiring. If you are trying to get pregnant, dreaming of a baby may be a good sign. It can also herald the arrival of other little bundles for those close to you.
  • TAKING A PREGNANCY TEST. A new phase is beginning for you. Deep down, you know this but you’re wondering if you can trust this – or yourself. Are you ready for the tell-tale thin line, signifying a major move? It’s exciting, and challenging, so be prepared
  • KNOWING YOU ARE PREGNANT. Something deep within you is becoming ready to manifest in your life. There will be no going back. It’s a major new venture, idea or role, it’s deeply important to you and means you’re going to change direction. This won’t necessarily mean that you’re more successful materially, although that is likely. The ‘re-birth’ is internal, but no less important. It may also herald a positive development spiritually and psychologically. This is exciting.
  • DREAMING SOMEONE ELSE IS PREGNANT. You can see that a part of yourself is developing new skills and characteristics. If it’s a man who’s pregnant, then the development is coming where you would not expect it, and it could be surprising and even shocking. 


A baby is the image of new life, new ideas and creative change – even a baby in a dream. These dreams are usually pleasant, but babies can also represent your vulnerable side.
  • BEING IN LABOUR. You’re making great efforts to bring about this significant change. It requires huge effort – the more difficult and prolonged the labour the harder it’s going to be. Yes, you’ll have to graft, but birth is underway. Quite possibly you’re already grappling with difficulties and this dream is bringing them to the fore. It could help you greatly to get in touch with one of our perceptive Readers, for some constructive advice
  • PLACENTA. This is about nourishment. How are you cared for and sustained by your environment and the people in it? Take note of the condition of the placenta, because it indicates what you are getting/can expect from others. Shrivelled, and your support systems are dry or damaging, bloated, you are too dependent, rich red and healthy and you’re well nurtured
  • HOLDING A BABY. The ‘baby’ is your inner self, innocent, vulnerable, on the brink of something new and exciting. Your life is now full of possibilities and you have wonderful potential. However, you have weaknesses, as we all do, of course, but these may be especially relevant when starting afresh. Beware being too dependent on others and too trusting. Remember you may be inexperienced and liable to make mistakes
  • SOMEONE ELSE’S BABY – dreaming of someone else’s baby in a dream little one indicates that person is could be easily hurt and/or may be innocent
  • BREASTFEEDING. Again this is about nurture, showing your feelings of love and desire to take care of someone or something. You have a strong wish to see something grow and blossom. You’ll give of yourself to create this, but in so doing you also will be fulfilled. This is a great dream to have
Look out for other dream interpretations on this website. Of course there are times when you need some insight and positive input that you can’t get through dreams or in any way on your own. You may also want someone wise to talk to about what your dreams mean with someone who has ample experience. Give one of our Readers a call today for advice.

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