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Dream Telepathy

Dream telepathy can bring you close to someone and deepen the relationship you have, whether it’s friendly or romantic. It’s also a heart-warming sign that we can communicate spiritually, and that our souls have a connection outside our bodies.
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Dream telepathy is making contact with someone else while you are asleep. In effect, this means you are both dreaming the same dream, together in the dream state. It’s an exciting thought, fun to practise but it can also foster deeper understanding.
There are many documented cases of dream telepathy. In fact you may have experienced this yourself, perhaps without realising. When you dream about a friend you don’t always think of asking them whether they’ve also dreamed of you – and even if they did they might not remember. But if the theories of soul-travel while we sleep are true, then why should meeting up with someone you know and/or care for be unusual?
Dreams in general are very important matters. As we dream we work through things that have worried us during the day, vent our subconscious fears and desires and get our creativity flowing – because dreaming dissolves mental blocks and brings ideas to the fore. You can also use your dreams to make contact with others and have experience that the Universe is wider and contains more possibilities than you might have thought.


During your sleeping hours you can pick up on what someone else is thinking or feeling, and even meet them in a dreamscape.
Start making your plans when awake. Imagine meeting a friend at a certain place, and be as specific about this as you would be if you were putting the event in your diary, settling on a specific date and time. Choose a friend who remembers their dreams easily, has an open mind and can be relied on not to forget the experiment. You might like to write down the details, so you are totally clear.
Now imagine giving your friend something unusual and maybe symbolic, such as a big, fluffy red heart or a golden key. Go through this in your mind until you know it by heart. Ask your friend to write down and remember any dream they have on the night you’ve arranged, but don’t tell them anything else. Do not say you plan to dream about them, or even that your experiment has anything to do with telepathy.
Before you drop off to sleep, go through your dream scenario several times, imagining the time, the place and the exchange of gifts with your friend. As you drift off, visualise meeting them. When you wake up, write down exactly what you dreamed – unless you are very practised and/or talented, it will probably vary from your plans.
Then compare notes with your friend. If they are comfortable with this, you may like to still withhold a total explanation. Either way, carry on practising until you do your dream telepathy easily.


Guides and angels may well communicate while you sleep, because then your mind is more open to their messages. Such dreams are completely clear, without the muddled, irrational quality of many dreams. Such dreams may be like visions, and can provide you with an answer to a question you’ve been pondering or a life-matter that’s been bothering you.
To encourage this, write down your query in a dream diary and keep this by your bed. No question is too mundane for your guide for it all relates to your life path, where even small things may be significant. Your question could be about relationships, money, career choices, spiritual development or just something you’ve lost and need to find. Ask for your guide to give you guidance when you are in the dream state.
Your answer may come as a picture, or as a spoken message, or in a sudden feeling of clarity. You don’t have to see your guide for it to come through. Often the dream will be vivid enough to wake you. As soon as you are awake, make a note of what you’ve received for even the most lucid messages can fade and become obscure by morning.



Now you have an idea of what dream telepathy is, how to go about dream telepathy with someone you know and how to contact your guides by these means. Dream telepathy can be comforting and enlightening, very enriching to your experience. Quicker answers are readily available, however, so if you need help with a problem or guidance on your life path, just put in a call to one of our experienced team of Readers and move forwards with their support.



PUBLISHED: 26 March 2017

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