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How to develop your own psychic ability

Psychic abilites

As children, we are all psychic. But, as we grow, and our sense of self-consciousness sets in, the teaching and training we receive blocks that flow of intuitive energy. During adolescence it can re-emerge as we find our sense of self. And in times of crisis, or when low, our spiritual side comes to the fore to help us get back on track. By tapping into your psychic ability you can reawaken your dormant childhood psyche. You can direct these powers to aid with decision-making. A psychic moment can present itself as a physical sensation. This is known as ‘clairsentience’. This can range from feeling an emotion, or physical sensation that isn’t yours. It tends to happen very quickly. Clairvoyance is seeing things in the mind’s eye or in dreams and clairaudience is when you hear a voice from an unseen source. We usually have one sense, which is stronger than the others.


Find your inner psychic today!


TheCircle readers can help you develop your skills, and will answer any questions that you may have. Then, if you find you’re gifted, maybe one day you’ll join us in TheCircle and become a reader yourself!



My top tips

  • Read as much as possible from books or the Internet. My advice is take on board what makes sense and leave what doesn’t.
  • Meditation and guided visualisation allow you to open up the mind and expand your consciousness, and that is one of the first steps to opening up your abilities.
  • Try psychometry (holding an object and translating the messages you receive). This is good to practice with friends, who can let you know how you are doing.
  • Look into the different forms of divination tarot, runes, I-ching or scrying in a crystal ball. And learn to use a pendulum for yes and no answers.
  • Find a local development circle to sit in. New-age shops often advertise groups, as do spiritual magazines. Spiritual churches may also hold circles.

The main thing is to relax and enjoy the experiences as you develop. It may take time and may be frustrating but the results are worth it.

Speak to one of our psychic readers today and see if we can help you enchance your psychic abilities today.

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