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Crystals for Luck


Formed millions of years in the past within the core of our planet, crystals are gifts from the heart of the earth.  They appear tranquil, but each one is a powerhouse of energy at a molecular level.  Every different type of crystal has its own signature, that you can connect with intuitively.  Read these other essential articles to gain more insight into the power of crystals: 'Choosing and Storing your Crystals', 'Crystals for Relaxation' and 'What Crystals Will Bring Me Love?'. Crystals are used for a variety of spiritual purposes, and some are particularly good for old fashioned luck.  Choose which appeals to you from the following list, and wear it or carry it when you’re making a new start of any kind (New Year, new job, new venture) or just need a boost of help from the subtle realms.





You can’t beat this stone for that happy happenstance vibe.  If you’ve decided to take a leap of faith, do this with aventurine in your pocket.  This exciting green stone will put you in the right frame of mind to spot those chances, go with the flow and play life like a game – and you’re the winner!  With aventurine as your guide a whole new set of circumstances may arrive, or you may see new perspectives on your life as it is.  Is there a crock of gold waiting for you, at the end of a rainbow somewhere?  This crystal can lead you to it.  If you tend to be a little buttoned-up, wary of taking risks, aventurine can inspire faith in yourself and also the realization that it doesn’t matter that much, so what the hell?  Fortune favours the brave!




You do not have to buy a cut and polished sapphire to benefit from its influence – a rough sapphire tumble stone will be just as good.  It attracts gifts of all descriptions – these could be material, in the shape of money or possessions if you need them, or spiritual.  They could come in the form of advice, or a friendly hand. Choose sapphire if you need to be helped out of a hole, or want to be calm and positive.  This stone also protects you from fraud, so it’s a great champion if you’re down, or put upon.




One of the greatest aids to good luck is your own intuition.  Have you stopped listening to that inner voice?  Do you need to be reconnected to your own instinctual wisdom?  Then choose moonstone as your guide.  Carry or wear this stone to be aware of how your emotions may be influencing you, causing you to make the wrong decisions and deviate from your life purpose.  Moonstone will also connect you to the messages from your body – those little twinges and pains, headaches or stomach cramps that are your body’s way of telling you that you’re not in the right place, emotionally or physically.  Moonstone brings that inner harmony that is the essence of luck.




The gold and brown hues of this stone carry a strong link with Mother Earth, energized by the fire of the sun.  Tiger’s Eye keeps your feet on the ground while you aim for the stars.  Traditionally it was worn as a talisman against ill-wishing, and with Tiger’s Eye around you, you can be aware of anyone who does not have your best interests at heart.  You will also have the strength and common sense to deal with them.  This is a fortunate stone if you have in some fashion lost your way, finding yourself in a dodgy situation.  The Eye of the Tiger is what you need.




Valued for many centuries by the Chinese, Jade has always been one of the most potent of the lucky stones.  It helps you to think positively, which is the best thing you can do to attract good fortune on all levels.  However, realism and an awareness of what can go wrong aren’t unlucky, and can enhance your success – Jade will connect you to the resources that you have, empowering you to use them well.  With Jade about your person you know you are guided by the wisdom of the ages, able to keep calm and rely on your own talents.  Jade also enhances your natural abilities, and expressing these brings fulfillment.
The gifts of crystals are subtle but powerful.  Attune to your crystals and their energy will combine with yours, making you more effectual and influential. Of course there are times when you need some insight and positive input that you can’t get through crystals or in any way on your own. You may also want someone wise to talk to about your experience with crystals.  Don’t worry – at The Circle we have all that you could wish for in psychic readings and clairvoyant readings.  Why not call us today, to be connected to a medium, or psychic and to feel supported and guided.

PUBLISHED: 7 January 2015

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