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Contact Your Spirit Guide For Wisdom And Healing This Winter

As the weather becomes colder and most of nature seems to be drawing into itself, hiding beneath the ground, it’s natural for our thoughts to turn to more spiritual matters. If you are at all anxious you may well feel this is harder to deal with during the darker nights.

The good news for all of us is that our spirit guides are always on duty. When you need them most they are the most attentive. All you have to do is learn to be open to their presence.
Find out:
  • What spirit guides really are
  • Six steps to get in contact


You are not alone! Close by you there are spirit helpers, bringing a message of love. They are there to protect you and help you. Deep in your heart you probably already sense them. They are waiting for you to open your inner eyes and be aware of their gifts.
  • Angels are one type of spirit guide. They carry blessing and healing and are messengers from the Divine. They have been associated with Christian tradition but they are by no means confined to that. You do not have to be a Christian to have a Guardian Angel. Your Guardian Angel protects you and you may sometimes be aware of her whispers, nudging you along the right path, out of danger
  • Faeries. These are nature spirits who bring you magic and a glimpse into the Otherworld. They tend not to attach themselves specifically to humans, preferring plants, sacred places and sometimes animals as their companions. However, a faery may come to you in a special location or for a specific purpose, especially if you are doing something for Nature
  • Ancestors offer wisdom and serenity. You probably have one or more ancestors who draw close to you when you need a guiding hand, or who are there with you perpetually, making you feel loved and supported
  • Power animals – these belong to a tradition of shamanism, so if you are interested in the shamanic path and have journeyed to meet your power animal you will be aware of what they can offer. Shamanism involves nature worship and travelling in your spirit body into the Otherworld, to gain wisdom. However, you may not need to be involved in this in order to attract an animal helper. Many people sense an animal presence giving them strength and courage at times
  • General spirit guides. Often when people talk about their spirit guide they are referring to a specific spirit, or spirits, who are there to support them in their life’s work, to grow and develop and also to find contentment and joy. These are humans who have previously incarnated and probably knew you in a former life. But these have passed beyond the Wheel of Rebirth and are now dedicated to supporting you to do the same, when the time is right. Many spirit guides come from a culture with strong wisdom traditions, such as Native Americans or Tibetans

As you go through life you will be blessed at times by all of the above, and there is little more wonderful than knowing loving arms are reaching towards you from the spirit realms.



You don’t need to do anything complicated to contact your guide. You don’t need to fast, chant or mediate for a long time. Here are a few simple steps to make contact with your guide/s.
  • BELIEVE IN THEM! Some people want to be convinced that they are watched over and that there really is something or someone ‘out there’ in the unseen world – but they don’t really believe and they are ready to doubt and dissect until they reason away every indication that their guide is present. They may think they have an open mind but actually they have very closed minds and are trapped in a materialistic mind-set. If you remember that life has meaning, the Universe is Love and this world that seems so ‘real’ is the dream from which we awaken at ‘death’ you will be taking the first step to contacting your guides
  • NOTICE THE SIGNS. Day by day we are blessed with signs small and large that our guides are on duty. When you find a parking spot just when you need it, when an inner voice warns you not to step off the kerb just as a speeding car rushes past, when you find just what you need in a shop, or meet just the person to help you out of a tight spot, or…or…or… So many such incidents – can they be chance? Once you start linking your spirit guide with them you’ll find they happen more and more. Your guide may show her or himself by an unexpected white feather you find on your path, by a waft of fragrance or whisper on the wind. Be open to these signs.
  • ASK FOR HELP. Once you have tuned in to your spirit guide, in however fleeting a fashion, ask for specific help. Keep this small, specific and manageable. It may be especially beneficial to ask your guide to lead you to healing if you need it, in remedies, therapists and uplifting places. Notice exactly what happens – you may not get what you ask for, but what did you get instead? And did this actually work out better for you?
  • KEEP NOTES. Keep a spirit guide journal, recording signs, sensations, thoughts that come into your head, things that happen and anything of any interest that may link to your guide.
  • ASK YOUR GUIDE TO SHOW HIMSELF. Ask your guide to make him or herself more clear. What do they look like? What culture are they from? Did you know them in a past life? Light a candle, still your mind and visualise a circle of light. A figure comes towards you from this light. It is your guide – can you see them clearly? Your guide may also show herself to you by seeming chance. Perhaps you keep coming across articles or programmes on Native Americans, perhaps you see a Chinese picture in a window, and then find a book on the same, perhaps you find an angel statue or encounter a specific animal, etc. If you remain aware you will find that the clues stack up and you get an impression of your guide.
  • GIVE THANKS. So you are beginning to feel the presence and help of your guide. Now give thanks, simply by saying thank you, by burning incense/joss stick and sending it as an offering along with your heartfelt gratitude and/or by doing a helpful deed. Now your connection with your guide is established you can go from strength to strength



Now you know what spirit guides are and you have six steps to making contact. There is help out there in the realms of spirit, always available to you. For support that you can always access, and for advice on meeting your guide, our enlightened Readers are just a call away with all the reassurance and inspiration you need.

PUBLISHED: 29 November 2017
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