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Angels aren’t just pretty ornaments to hang on your tree. They are real spirit messengers from the divine realms. How can you raise your awareness so you feel the brush of angel’s wings?
Learn the following:
  • Notice the signs of angels drawing close
  • How to do a ritual to contact your angel




Angels are all around us but we rarely credit them with the blessings they give, and even more rarely sense their presence. Becoming aware of angels is rarely about any sort of ‘vision’. Like most spirit manifestations, angelic visitations can be almost ‘ordinary’, and yet you will know, deep inside, that something marvellous is happening. Take note of this and have faith in it, and gradually you will be more able to experience the truly transcendent.
Start by having an attitude of expectancy about the angels. If they are all around you, what hints are you receiving about this? How might these beings make themselves known to you? What signs might there be that angels are at work?
One of the most well-known of the angel ‘calling cards’ is the white feather, and if you find one, keep it with you to reinforce your angelic connection. You might come upon a feather on the floor, or among your clothes, or upon your path when you are out walking. This may happen when you have been thinking about angels, and maybe asking for their help. It may come spontaneously, when you are feeling lost and desperate, and may follow upon a sensation of peace coming over you, as if from nowhere. This sense of peace, calm and well-being is also a sign, in itself, that an angel has brushed you with his, or her wings. 
Look also for angels in cloud formations. There may appear to be a host of angels over a site that is in some way important, or sacred. At another time, when you are asking for angelic support, you may see one cloud-angel, there just to reassure you.  
Plants may also show signs of angels by flourishing beyond expectations. Cut flowers that last longer, pot plants that bloom out of season and dying plants that revive may all be evidence of angelic work, in harmony with the nature spirits, to whom they have lent their energy.
Angels are especially attuned to sound, and it may be that when you are needing their help, you find a friend uses the word ‘angel’ or you hear a song on the radio containing it. If you are very lucky, you may even feel the gentlest of touches on your shoulder, as an angel brings you comfort. Angel forms may also appear in crystals, or you may ‘come upon’ angel paintings or statues, just when they are most appropriate.
Angels are well-loved and because of this there are many angel artefacts that can be easily bought. You may well be drawn to an ornament or piece of jewellery, not just because it is pretty but because it has angelic associations and will strengthen your ability to feel their presence. If a friend gives you an angel brooch, statue or fridge magnet, you can be sure that the angels have guided her choice. Treasure the gift all the more because of this.


Your guardian angel is with you at all times. She or he knows all your joys and sorrows and sends love of the purest kind your way, lighting your darkest hour and showing you the path to true fulfilment. Your guardian angel may also be looking after other beings, but that matters not a jot, for angels can give their all in more than one place.
Before attempting to make contact with your angel, make sure the place where you are working is free from clutter, fresh and reasonably clean! Prepare the space psychically by imagining anything negative as grey mist which is being dispelled by a pure light, shining from above. Sound a bell, or better still, send the pure tones of a Tibetan singing bowl ringing around your room. Now the space is cleansed and prepared for angelic visitation.
Create a small altar on a coffee table by covering it with a white cloth. Place on this temporary altar a white candle, and a crystal such as clear quartz, angelite, celestite, selenite, or any crystal that you feel has angelic connections. To raise your awareness of the higher realms, heat neroli or frankincense oil in a burner. Effigies or pictures of angels that your intuition tells you are suitable may also be placed on your altar, along with a small vase of white flowers such as roses or daisies. White feathers and a silver or gold trumpet, such as you might hang on a Christmas tree are also suitable, along with anything that feels right. Make sure you have a notebook and pen also handy.
Light your candle and sit comfortably in front of your altar, with your back straight. Allow your body to relax, as far as possible., and imagine a cloak of light around you, protecting you. Affirm that you are going to make contact with your angel and ask for his, or her presence. Close your eyes and imagine that you are slowly climbing seven white, mist-shrouded steps. When you reach the top step you are above the mist, bathed in wonderful light. Allow yourself to feel open and welcoming and ask your angel to come to you. Be patient and remain serene and relaxed. Soon you will feel peace and joy, and many other sensations that are special to you, as your angel draws close. Ask the name of your angel and talk for a while. If it should happen that you cannot make contact with your angel this time, stop your meditation after about ten minutes. Do not lose heart – you can try again the next day. If you truly want to contact your angel, you eventually will.
When the time feels right, thank your angel, say goodbye and go back down the seven steps, counting down from seven to one, and re-unite with your body. Place your palms flat on the floor, to ground yourself and have a sip of water. Imagine talking off your cloak of light. Note down all you have experienced in your notebook.



Getting in contact with angels is a wonderful feeling. We’ve seen how to recognise signs of them, and also a ritual/meditation to draw close. For a true connection with your angels, just contact one of our Readers and get that heavenly vibe to uplift you.

PUBLISHED: 29 December 2017
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