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Colour Magic

Choosing colour is so much more than cosmetic. Colours are a vibration, and those that surround you can affect you deeply. Tune in to the magic of colour and you can brighten your life this winter. In this article we look at:
  • The importance of colour
  • The meanings of the colours
  • Colour in action
  • Candle magic



Colour is present in every area of your life. Of course, the clothes and décor you choose will largely depend on colour, but colour is vital in your workplace, and anywhere you spend a lot of time. It’s important to be as aware as possible of the effects of colour, and to control and direct this as much as possible.
Colours influence your energy, creativity, ability to heal and of course whether you are cheerful, depressed, agitated or laid-back. Conscious manipulation of colour is a simple, enjoyable and powerful way to make some personal changes.


Each colour has a different meaning, a different gift, a distinct energy you can conjure into your life:
RED – energy, passion, sexual feelings, strength, power, assertiveness, confidence, stimulation.
ORANGE – cheerfulness, creativity, fulfillment, success
YELLOW – communication, mental powers, clear-seeing and sometimes clairvoyance, cleverness, self-expression
GREEN – healing, prosperity, fertility, luck, youth, beauty, cash
BLUE – serenity, sleep, peace
PURPLE – spirituality, wisdom, teaching, insight
WHITE – purification, peace, detachment
PINK – emotional love, friendship, kindness, gentleness, healing
BROWN – animal welfare, the home, gardening/plants
The above gives you the general meanings of each colour, so that you can bring the special properties that you want into your life. Sometimes you may want to mix and match – for instance for financial success you could combine green and orange, for calmness and understanding maybe purple and blue. All colours have many shades and you should follow your feelings – more of this below.


So how can you bring the right colours into your life, in a practical way? The first place to start is with your clothes.
CLOTHING.  Did you know that practically any colour will suit you – it all depends on the shade. For instance, maybe you have always believed that green makes you look pasty, or red clashes with your complexion, but how many different shades of these colours have you tried? Maybe scarlet overwhelms you, but a more muted tone, maybe with brown or blue undertones, could be a different matter. Consult a specialist if possible, if not, experiment, with an open mind. Colours that really don’t look good next to your face could be carried off in skirts and trousers.
Finally, in bringing colours to your outfit, scarves are your very best friend, adding an immediate splash of the desired hue, which you can take off or put on as you wish. Have a scarf in every colour handy, so when you finish dressing and think ‘Today I need to be calm’ (blue) ‘Today I need energy (red) or ‘Today I need to think quickly (yellow) you have something appropriate ready to shape your approach.
DÉCOR.  Obviously the colours you chose for your walls and soft furnishings will have a big effect. Many people play it safe, with browns and beiges, but sometimes it can help to be more adventurous. For instance, if you need a room to be very calm, pick soft blues, pinks and greens. For a study, consider oranges and yellows, to encourage creative stimulation. For a bedroom, some deep red will create sensuality.
DETAILS.  Often it may not be possible to make major changes in the colours around you. This is especially the case when the environment isn’t under your control, such as at work. In that case you can wear jewellery that you can see, as rings or bangles, in stones of a suitable colour, to manage your state of mind. On your desk at the office you could place a well-chosen glass paperweight in the right colour, or wear a pendant that you look at every so often. Purple amethyst will connect you to calmness and spirituality, red garnet will give you oomph, blue lapis is peaceful, green peridot is lucky, and so on. Full listing of gems is outside the scope of this article, but you can look it up and experiment.


One of the simplest, most powerful ways to bring about change using colour is to burn a candle in that colour. Surround your candle with a ribbon of the same shade. Light the candle and think clearly about what you want. For instance, if you want cheerfulness and positive thinking in a difficult situation, choose orange. If you need strength and courage to confront someone or something, or for a challenging situation like a job interview, choose red. Green would be good if you feel fraught, as if you’re sickening for something, or if you need luck. Blue will keep you calm if you need to be chilled etc.
As the candle burns, state three times what you desire, e.g. ‘I am strong and confident’ or ‘I feel peaceful and serene’, or whatever is appropriate. Look at the flame imagining the outcome you want. Blow out the candle and wear the ribbon on your wrist, to create the magical effect you want.



In this article we’ve looked at the meanings of the colours, the ways you can bring them to good affect into your life, and at simple candle magic.  Colours can be truly useful to you in managing your life, but still there are times when life can be overwhelming.  Don’t worry, our sympathetic supportive readers are always available to help you, so put in a call without delay.

PUBLISHED: 22 November 2016
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