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Colour Breathing

Learn how to breathe in colour to heal your body, harmonise your mind and move on in life.
Read about:
  • Definition of colour breathing
  • How it can help you
  • Ten simple steps to colour breathe
  • Finding an individual colour for your needs




It’s a system for drawing specific energies into your body. Each colour brings its special qualities and helps activate your chakras. The chakras are organs in the spiritual body. These need to be clear and functioning properly for maximum health.
Colour breathing is a simple and very pleasant meditation/visualization that you can do anywhere. It will help dissolve stress, give you energy and boost your intuition.


You will need a quiet space where you can be comfortable and uninterrupted. It’s much nicer to have at least half an hour for this but if you only have five minutes it’s better than nothing! To visualise the colours it may help to have a pack of small wax crayons to remind you.
  • RELAX. Bring your mind into the moment and let all tension drain out of you. Become aware of your breathing. Breathe a little deeper than usual, but be comfortable. Count your breath in and out, gradually settling in a rhythm where you can hold your in-breath for a count of two and your out-breath likewise, comfortably
  • RED. This is the colour of the base chakra at the tail of the spine. It relates to physical energy, survival, defence, animal instinct and assertion. When you are ready imagine you are inhaling pure scarlet red energy from the earth. It enters through the soles of your feet, up your shins, knees and thighs. You feel the chakra at the base of your spine tingle as it awakens. The red colour flows up through your abdomen, chest, arms, neck and head. Hold that vibrancy on the count of two. Then exhale and breathe it out
  • ORANGE. This chakra relates to sexuality and creativity. It is in the small of your back/lower abdomen. Breathe in orange in exactly the same way as red. Feel the chakra activate, if you can. Then breathe out orange
  • YELLOW/GOLD This is the colour of the sun, relating to your own centre of individuality and power – your solar plexus. Breathe in yellow, feel the tingle behind your navel, hold and breathe out

  •  GREEN. Grass green/emerald – the beautiful shades of Nature relate to the heart and to love of all beings, perhaps especially yourself. Breathe in green, this time from your solar plexus and feel your heart open as this chakra activates in your chest. Feel the green energy also going down the lower part of your body, giving love to the earth. Practice this a few times if you need to. Hold green then gently breathe it out
  • BLUE. This chakra is located in the base of your throat and relates to communication and speaking your own authentic ‘truth’. Draw blue in through your nose and throat, visualizing it coming from above. Let it flow through your head, then down through your entire body. Hold and breathe out.
  • INDIGO. This relates to the Third Eye chakra located in the lower middle of your forehead and relates to intuition and deep sight. Indigo is the colour of the evening sky away from sunset – a deep purple-navy. As you breathe in, feel this colour enter your forehead, filling your head, washing down through your chest, abdomen and legs. Hold and breathe out
  • VIOLET. Breathe in this colour from above, through your crown. The crown chakra relates to spirituality and connects you to the Cosmos and the universal mind. Draw it down throughout your body, hold, and breathe out
  • WHITE. Rest for a few breaths, then visualise a pure beam of white light, powerful as a laser, gentle as a pearly glow, coming down through the top of your head and out through your soles
  • GROUND YOURSELF. It is very important after any such exercise that you ground yourself. Wiggle your fingers and toes, gently stretch your arms and legs and be aware of your surroundings. Now imagine you have roots coming out of the soles of your feet, a rich brown colour, connecting with the earth. Imagine you are drawing strength and nourishment from the earth. Take a couple of deep breaths and affirm you have returned to the here-and-now, empowered, harmonized and renewed
Never worry if you can’t visualise anything clearly. Some people find this easier than others. Affirming that it is happening will suffice. If you find it difficult to breathe out a certain colour then that may be because your body and spirit have a special need of this. It may help to bring it into your life, maybe just by wearing a scarf of that colour or introducing it into your home.


There may be a specific problem or ailment you have that you would like to be free from, but you may not be sure which colour will help. Don’t try to second guess this for it may not be simple. For instance you may feel you need more energy and that red would solve this, but the reverse could be the case. What if your energies are blocked by depression arising from repressed anger? What you may need is green, to open you to love or yellow, for confidence, or blue to say what’s on your mind.
No need to analyse. Just focus on the colours one by one and let them speak to you. Imagine them floating slowly across your body. Which one seems to linger? Which are you most drawn to? Perform the exercise above and draw this colour in three times, instead of once. Choose this colour for clothes, or even underwear, to bring more of it into your body and your life.



We’ve looked at what colour breathing is and how it can help, gone through the steps to perform this and seen how a single colour can help. Colours can heal your body and mind, but if you need immediate, powerful and very effectual help just call one of our Readers and benefit from just the input you need.

PUBLISHED: 15 February 2018
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