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Understanding Cold Reading


Know the difference between cold reading techniques and genuine Psychic readings…
Cold reading is a method used by illusionists and mentalists to show that they can pick up information about a person, place or event, claiming that they have a Psychic gift. However, it is not done by using genuine Psychic skills, and instead uses several cold reading techniques to analyse somebody. Cold readings often use much guess work and if they appear to be wrong, the cold reader uses methods of reinforcing other connections, quickly diverting attention from their errors.





Cold reading is the art or pretence of giving evidence about something or someone using a wide range of cold reading techniques. Mentalists will study a person’s body language, appearance (clothing, makeup and hair), sexual orientation, manner of speech and gender, to establish a number of assumptions about that person. This same strategy is used by fraudulent Psychics and Mediums, making people believe that they know information about them and have Psychic or Clairvoyant abilities. A cold reading does not depend on any previous knowledge about a person, instead it merges several observations and is based on probability, deduction and general statements.





Sadly, cold reading has therefore given genuine Psychics and Mediums a bad name, with some people basing their assumptions on the fact that all Psychics use cold reading techniques. ‘Warm reading’ is a method used by Psychics and Mediums who claim to be genuine, practising techniques that start with a vague idea, using cold reading techniques to enhance or expand the reading. The use methods of psychology to ensure that their reading will apply to the majority of people. A ‘hot reading’ is when the Psychic has done research and gained information about you, prior to meeting you and uses this information to embellish the reading. The person has no idea that they have done this and are usually stunned by how uncannily accurate the reading is.





Having a reading with someone face to face, or at a Psychic fayre or similar event, it is possible that you could experience a fake reading, especially if you have given any personal details beforehand. People who pretend to be Psychics and Mediums often use the cold reading, warm reading or hot reading techniques to gain your attention:

WEDDING RING – The Reader will talk about your husband, and will make assumptions on the basis that you are married and your husband is alive and well. They may make generalised statements about his character or behaviour.

INITIALS – A Psychic or Medium may give you an initial, hoping that you can relate to it. Most people know somebody whose name begins with a letter from the alphabet. They wait for your reaction, and most people volunteer the name and how they relate to them, without thinking.

VAGUE INFORMATION – If a Psychic or Medium is fake, they may make a statement but say they are unsure or confused at what it means. For example, ‘Are you thinking of moving house?’ – the answer may be no (in which case they will say a house move will happen in the future), or the answer may be yes, so their general assumption was correct. Either way, they will appear to be insightful.

CHILDREN – The majority of people over a certain age will have children, so the Psychic may reference the children in the cold reading. They will assume that you have two children (because it’s the norm) and based on your answers, will muddle around the rest of the subject.




If you are speaking to an online Psychic Reader, they can only read you based on your voice and what you say. In fact, many genuine Psychics connect with you by listening to your voice vibration during psychic readings. Genuine Psychics found online usually work for a reputable company and therefore will only be accepted in to the company if they have carried out a series of ‘test readings’. Test readings establish whether a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium or Tarot reader has a true Psychic gift. This is done by the Psychic having to prove they can connect with various elements of the person’s life; the past, the present, and the future. They will need to give detailed evidence from the past and usually do this at the beginning of the reading, thus showing the client that they have made a good psychic connection. A good Psychic Reader will be able to pick up unique information about you, and often information that nobody else knows about. A professional Psychic Reader does not give negative predictions and will only give guidance in their Psychic readings, that helps a client to make decisions or get a better perspective on life.





Avoid the disappointment of cold readers and instead speak to the UK’s most genuine Psychics at TheCircle who will give you accurate insight and guidance for present circumstances and the future. Ask for advice on love, relationships, home, family and work so that you feel empowered to move forwards.



PUBLISHED: 15 July 2016

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