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Clear Your Chakras

You may feel that your problems are physical or emotional, but maybe it goes deeper than that. Clearing your chakras cleanses you at a spiritual level, making everything in your life flow so much more smoothly.
Discover what the chakras are and how you can clear them, to experience harmony and vitality.



They can be understood as ‘organs’ or energy centres in the spiritual body. ‘Chakra’ means ‘wheel’ and the chakra energy needs to circulate smoothly. When this isn’t happening it can affect you in a variety of ways. This depends on which chakra is involved.
Most spiritual healers believe there are seven principle chakras. These include your root chakra, at the base of your spine, your sacral chakra, your solar plexus chakra, your heart chakra, your throat chakra, your third eye chakra (between your physical eyes) and your crown chakra. They are numbered one to seven, starting at the root, and coloured according to the rainbow.


This is the red chakra, at the base of your spine and is linked with survival, groundedness and a feeling of being able to cope powerfully and realistically with the physical world. If this chakra is blocked you may fear you can’t survive. Somehow the material world seems impossible – you can’t get to grips and you’re stuck in your head. If you have too much energy here, at the expense of the other chakras, you may be greedy or over the top in your habits, such as by eating or drinking too much. These may be your attempts to get grounded in a healthy way.
CLEAR YOUR FIRST CHAKRA by contact with Nature, walking barefoot, touching tree bark, getting your hands dirty, being gently, rhythmically practical. Eat red foods to match this chakra, such as berries, beetroot, red cabbage. Wear red clothes, jewellery and especially shoes. Imagine your root chakra as a beautiful, deep red energy, just between the tops of your thighs.


This is the orange chakra, roughly half way between your groin and your navel. It rules your creativity, joyfulness and sexuality. Problems here can make you numb and detached, or they could lead to being over-emotional and over-sexual.  
CLEAR YOUR SECOND CHAKRA. Balance this chakra by spending time near or in water – lakes, rivers, the sea or swimming pools. Do something creative, like painting. Wear shades of orange and orange jewellery. Imagine your chakra as a vibrant orange centre in the pit of your abdomen.


This is like your internal ‘sun’ – the centre of your personal power. This is linked to your strength of character, your self-expression and confidence. If it isn’t working well your self-esteem could falter and it may be hard to make decisions. If you don’t feel good about yourself you’re more likely to lose your temper, too.
CLEAR YOUR THIRD CHAKRA This chakra is linked to fire, so sitting near a bonfire can energise you. Light candles in your dwelling or soak up the sun when it’s out. Eat a range of yellow foods such as bananas, sweetcorn, sunflower seeds, ginger and pineapple. Wear gold and shades of yellow. Imagine your chakra as a beautiful, glowing sun at the centre of your abdomen.


Your heart chakra is in the centre of your chest and when working healthily it makes you compassionate, empathic and filled with love for all of creation. This is the centre of forgiveness and gentle acceptance. If this is blocked it can lead to jealousy and resentment, along with self-hatred. Grief can ‘stick’ with unshed tears and loss may be an almost permanent experience.
CLEAR YOUR FOURTH CHAKRA by enjoying the open air. Breathe deeply, walk to the top of a hill and feel the fresh air, fly a kite or drive with the windows open. Eat green foods such as avocado, broccoli, spinach and peas. Wear shades of green, emerald and jade. Imagine your chest opening, flowing with a wonderful green energy, taking the whole of nature in embrace.


As expected, your throat chakra is at the base of your throat. It enables you to be authentic, saying what you believe, communicating clearly, directly and calmly. If it is blocked you may be afraid of being judged and believe that if you say it like it is you won’t be accepted. This can go to the extent of making you not really sure of what you think and believe, and so find it hard to make choices.
CLEAR YOUR FIFTH CHAKRA by sitting in the open air, listening to wind-chimes and bird song. Sing yourself, whenever you can, and clear the air around you with a singing bowl. Eat blue fruit like blueberries, grapes and currants and wear blue whenever you can. Imagine a sky blue glow at the base of your throat, limpid and powerful.


Your third eye chakra brings wisdom, clairvoyance, imagination and intuition. If it’s working well you see deeply into people and situations, not taken in by the superficial. If this chakra is struggling then you might be over-imaginative. Your judgement may be clouded and you can be led by wishful thinking and fantasy.
CLEAR THIS CHAKRA by imagining that a laser is beaming out from between your eyes. Sit in the light by an open window and feel yourself merging with it. Eat indigo fruits such as purple kale, blackberries and black grapes. Wear indigo clothing and jewellery and imagine that you have a third eye in the middle of your forehead, bright and powerful.


This chakra connects you to the world of spiritual energy, making you feel connected to the entire Universe and the Divine. If it’s working well you have a sense of belonging even when you’re alone and even though you may not be able to put it into words, you just ‘know’ there is a spirit world. If this centre is blocked you may feel isolated and meaningless, or you may feel drawn to ‘cults’ that give you a sense of being part of something wider, and having ‘the answer’.
CLEAR THIS CHAKRA by meditating, praying and chanting. What you eat is not so important for this chakra, but fasting, drinking plenty of pure water and nourishing your mind with anything uplifting will help. Wear violet and white and imagine this chakra shining like a jeweled crown, the energy emerging like a fountain from the top of your head.



When doing any work with your chakras always be very careful to close yourself down because leaving your spiritual centres open can make you depleted. Just imagine the chakras closing like flower petals, sip water and place your palms on the ground to end your work, however brief.




The above description of the chakras and how to clear them is a helpful first step towards feeling more in harmony with yourself and the world around you. For some extra help, just put in a call to our Readers, who will understand any problems you may have with your chakras. They can help you with your personal and spiritual development and with all your anxieties. The right Reader for you is waiting for your call now.

PUBLISHED: 13 September 2017
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