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Cleanse Your Etheric Body

You may realise the importance of detoxic your physical body, but did you know that cleansing is also important on an energy level? We all have an etheric body, which is the innermost layer of the aura. Make sure this is purified so you can be healthy, positive and energetic.
Find out:
  • What your etheric body is
  • The seven steps to cleansing it




Your etheric body is your ‘energy body’, made from pure life force. It exists within your physical body – this is the body that is made of the energy used in acupuncture, and which holds your chakras.
In case you don’t know, the chakras are special energy centres, spaced through your torso. Each of these is linked to a specific type of energy. For instance, your root chakra, located at the base of your spine and coloured red, is linked to survival and healthy animal instincts, whereas the crown chakra, which is violet, connects you to the world of Spirit. There are also several other minor chakras.
Study of the chakras is outside the scope of this article and you don’t really need to know about them to cleanse your etheric body. However, one way to understand the etheric body is as the body that holds the chakras. So, if you’re familiar with your chakras you will already be aware of your etheric body.
Your etheric body also extends beyond your physical body. Psychics see the most intense section as a sheath of light – white, electric blue or pale gold – a centimetre or more in depth around your physical body. The better your health and vigour the brighter and wider your etheric sheath will be.
After you have cleansed your etheric body this sheath will shine more powerfully. You will certainly feel clear, alert and with an enhanced sense of well-being, able to shake off any illness and cope with the demands of life easily and lightly.


Sit comfortably, preferably in a chair. Even if you’re very supple and used to practising yoga it may be best not to sit cross-legged as it could limit your movements.
This first step is very important if you are new to the idea of an ‘energy body’ because it will mean you learn to sense this energy around you.
Become aware of your breathing, and hold your arms at your sides. Take a deep breath and hold it for a moment. Then breathe out and as you do, let your arms move outwards from your body. When you breathe in again, bring your arms back. Do this in and out movement for several minutes, until you can feel the flow of energy and also feel the edges of your etheric body. You will become aware of this as a subtle resistance around you, like the softest of pillows.



This is the point at which your imagination – which is, of course, the force that directs subtle energies – comes into play.
Focus on the area of your body where your genitals are situated, and the energy field around them. As you take a long in-breath, imagine that your etheric is folding, just beneath the genitals, and on your out-breath this energy is being pushed up into your body. Do this three times.


Now progress to drawing the energy more deeply into your body. For men this can mean the prostate, for women up towards the womb area. Then draw it up through the rectum into the colon and large intestine. This will increase your sexual energy. Imagine any blockages in your sexuality or lower digestive tract clearing now.



Turn your attention to the front of your body. Draw this subtle energy into your abdomen and stomach. Draw it also into your kidneys and your liver, which is under your ribs on the right. Following this, concentrate on your lungs. If you have a cold or a chest infection, do this several times, affirming that the infection is clearing.




Focus now on your heart. Take the energy in and feel your heart being strengthened. Feel also the blood vessels in your heart and chest being cleared and made healthy. If you have any kind of heart complaint, spend extra time on this. If you have recently been hurt emotionally, you should also give some extra attention to your heart energy, circulating energy to cleanse and heal.



Finally bring your attention to your head, drawing the energy up via your chin and jaw, through your mouth and into your ears, eyes and brain. Spend some time imagining all the tubes within your head, your nose and sinuses, being energised and cleared. If you have a cold you should give special attention and a little extra time to this.
When you have completed Step Seven spend a moment or two grounding yourself. Place your hands flat on the ground, feel yourself reconnecting with the earth and then have a few sips of water.


Now you know what your etheric, or energy body is, and how to cleanse it. Like most things, this requires practice and you will get better at it the more you do it.

Meanwhile, if you are at all concerned about your spiritual energies and feel you need advice about cleansing, or any other matter, help is just a call away. One of our expert Readers can guide you on your way and enable you to feel inwardly purified and able to cope with life.
PUBLISHED: 09 May 2018
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