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Cleanse Your Aura

We all know that it’s important to be clean, but did you realise that spiritual hygiene is also vital? Now you can go into the New Year knowing that your spiritual self is shiny and pure with our simple guide.
Learn about:
  • What your aura is
  • What it looks like
  • Why cleansing is important
  • Detailed instructions on how to cleanse




Your aura is a field of light and energy that surrounds you at all times. It arises from the life-force within you, and a clairvoyant who can see your aura will know quite a lot about your state of mind and your physical well-being. However, even though you may not be able to see another person’s aura, if you are at all sensitive you will be aware of it unconsciously.  
You may be attracted or repelled by a person because of something you sense in their aura, without quite knowing why. Most of us are aware of the physical space of others and may not like to get too close to someone whose aura is filled with negativity or a ‘Keep off!’ attitude. An individual who gives out love and warmth, on the other hand, will have an aura that envelopes you with welcome.


Probably anyone can see auras if you take the trouble to develop the ability. It can help to go into a dreamy state and look with your eyes half closed and slightly unfocused. Then you may see the layers of light around a person.
The aura has an inner layer called the etheric, and this is the easiest to see. It may be a blue or white sheath, touching the body and surrounding it, with a thickness of one or two centimetres. Beyond that there is a more refined layer, in which there are many colours, and beyond that there may be very subtle energies that are powerful in a spiritual person. The size of the aura is said to be an indicator of a person’s level of spirituality, with people like the Dalai Lama having auras that reputedly extend for miles.


Whenever you come close to a person or thing that is harmful or negative, this can affect your own energy-systems, particularly affecting your aura. Sometimes spirit entities can attach to your aura (please note, this does not mean ‘possession’ but it can result in a leaching of vital force).  
Your aura is also affected by your emotions. If you feel angry, sad, down, anxious or lacking in self-esteem, this can contaminate your aura. In addition, illness often starts in the aura, quite possibly triggered by negativity, so cleansing your aura can enhance your physical health.


If you only make one New Year’s resolution, let this be that you will cleanse your aura every day.
  • Choose a time when you won’t be disturbed and are able to be truly peaceful. Play music if you wish
  • Sit in a chair, with your feet bare, and place them flat on the floor. Relax and go into a pleasant, day-dreamy state
  • Now in your mind’s eye ‘see’ a large disk of energy, two metres or so in diameter, floating rather like a flying saucer, about a metre above your head
  • If you find it hard to visualise, just affirm that it is there. You may instead ‘hear’ a hum of power, or even smell a scent
  • Imagine the disk is now slowly going downwards, through your body and through your aura, right to its outer reaches. Affirm that it is trapping all the negativity, all the bad influences, anything harmful or ‘stuck’ and anything turgid in its power
  • Let the disk go down and down until it reaches your feet. Now it is descending into the earth, taking with it all the psychic ‘gunk’ from your aura. This is now absorbed by Mother Earth and turned into ‘compost’ for the growth of positive energy for the planet
  • Repeat this visualisation several times if you wish, until you feel shiny and renewed
  • Sit quietly for a while, feeling peaceful and untainted, and affirm that your aura is cleansed
  • If you have to go through particularly difficult stress then take time out to cleanse your aura after each episode, through your day





We’ve found out what your aura is, what it looks like, why cleansing is important and – most significant of all – how to do a daily auric cleanse. If you feel you need more help with this then that’s easy. Just contact one of our expert Readers and receive in-depth advice and support.

PUBLISHED: 19 January 2018
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