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clairsentinence by Pippa Jo PIN 1263

Clairsentience is within all of us and begins at birth. A baby senses the need to cry, it also senses loneliness and hunger. A past life fear can also come through when we are babies, for example a male's voice that connects to a negative past life experience. As children we are naturally open to clairsentience, which may be apparent in a very sensitive child who picks up on the emotions of others.

How often do you sense a tingling in your hands, neck face or body? How many times have you heard people say “someone has just walked over my grave"? (this is just one example) These occur when we are touched by spirit. They enter the left side and exit the right side of our bodies. You may also notice a blowing sensation or a cold feeling on your body too. If you just wish to be in touch with your clairsentience and not work within this field, then each morning simply asking the angels to protect you in a pink bubble is all you will need, as only positives can enter this.

When you are aware of your clairsentience you can link into your gut feelings in any areas of your life when making decisions.

An example I find when working, is often as I am opening up, I feel a sensation just like butterfly wings on my left cheek or on my eyelashes and I know my Angels are with me. You may find as your clairsentience develops at certain times your upper back may feel pressure (this will be your angelic wings expanding).

As a Reiki Master, I find whilst healing, I will feel certain areas tingling or growing hot, sometimes they need balancing and occasionally feel a pushing sensation as if an energy is being released. Clairsentience and empathy are closely connected, an example would be if you were watching a film and felt the emotions of a person as if it was happening to you. If you are a medium and link into a loved one in spirit, and when asking how they passed you feel a pain in the chest area, it suggest that they passed as a result of a heart attack. Just before meeting a customer for a reading, I can pick up on headaches, ailments, sadness and more, this is again clairsentience. Psychometry is another area of clairsentience, holding a personal item of someone and sensing energy, whilst picking up information through all your senses.

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