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clairaudience By Stuart PIN 0911

What does clairaudience mean? Clairaudience simply means ‘clear hearing’. So how does this occur? and in what context you may ask ? Clairaudience is a psychic ability that occurs in different forms for different people. One way clairaudience happens can be by thought, the thought within the mind. They can be just like everyday little thoughts such as “I need to pay that bill.” They may be small thoughts but with a strong message, or as an extremely strong thought as though someone just shouted at you. There is also hearing a voice outside of your mind like another person right next to you. This for some people can be very shocking once it starts. When you hear a voice and nobody is there, it's confusing and can be scary to start with. After you realise it's your spirit guides, then the peace, harmony and spiritual guidance flows beautifully. Clairaudience is more common than you think. Many people hear spirit, loved ones, guides and angels by having spirit talking to them but not as a voice that they hear with their ears, but within the mind as clear as a whistle. Clairaudience is documented in history too, for instance the young French girl Joan of Arch. She was clairaudient and heard voices of angels speaking to her and guiding her using her clairvoyance. Joan of Arch put trust in what she heard and it helped her to lead the French army with success at the young age of just 17 years-old.


How is clairaudience likely to start? Many people have busy lives and miss or ignore the signs. These signs can be like bees buzzing, some may say it's tinnitus and have gone to the doctors but the doctors gave them the all clear. If this is you, then your clairaudience could be about to take off. There are many reports of people hearing loved ones or multi-dimensional beings calling out their names or speaking to them as they are falling asleep. This can also be as they are leaving the physical plane and their etheric body is going to the astral plane where we can meet guides and loved ones and all spirits (astral projection).

How to we develop clairaudience? Clairaudience can be brought on through mediation, by listening to tones and beats (CDs, mp3 downloads) or white sound noise e.g. waves of the sea, or by sitting in silence in a dark room. This can be helped by using a blindfold to intensify the experience to help focus your senses just on your hearing. 

You can also use crystals. Labradorite can be a strong stimuli for helping to hear the voice of spirit. Especially labradorite earrings if worn on the ears.

Clairaudience can also be awakened by a traumatic event or a near-death experience. 
The abuse of psychedelic drugs can bring clairaudience on too, which is usually due to the chemical gateways of your light being disturbed and knocked wide open. Drugs will only have a short-term effect, where as meditation will give you clear and deceive information. Good luck on your clairaudience development!

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