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What is Chiromancy?


What is the Chiromancy definition and how can it help us feel positive about our future? Learn how to read palms to foretell changes in love, work and life…


Chiromancy is more commonly known as palmistry and is the reading of palms. It is said that the future is in our hands and skilled palmists can not only tell our future, but see what has happened in the past and what may be happening in the present time. Chiromancy has existed since ancient times as the study of the palms’ lines to tell a person’s fortune. In the 17th century, palmistry was taught in universities in Germany and during the same period described as a form of witchcraft in England. It is believed that Julius Caesar read people’s palms in order to find out their true intentions. For hundreds of years, kings, leaders and philosophers have discovered answers to their questions by using palmistry – Albert Einstein had his palm read while Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte studied palmistry.  In recent years, chiromancy has been commonly used by specialists in psychic practices, as it is said to be one of the most powerful skills to represent foretelling.
A palmist will study the shape, size and lines of the hands and fingers…

The Chiromancy Definition


Chiromancy or palm reading gives a person knowledge about themselves and their family. Learning how to read palms can help you predict changes in love, relationships, work and family and also offer protection in all these important areas of life as you are forearmed. The Chiromancy definition not only foretells situations but will describe the characteristic of the person and the influences around them. A palmist will study the shape, size and lines of the hands and fingers. For right-handed people the left hand shows the character, destiny and personality a person is born with and the right hand shows the direction of the person’s life. For left-handed people, it is the opposite.



How to Read Palms


The palm has 3 major lines – the head line, the heart line and the life line. The heart line is the highest horizontal line underneath your fingers, the head line is the next horizontal line underneath and the life line is the line that runs from the side of your hand to the bottom of your palm. The head line, also known as the wisdom line reflects a person’s psychological and mental make-up, also their intuitive and intellectual abilities. The heart line, also known as the love line, indicates a person’s emotional state and their connection with others in relationships. The life line is often misconceived as the line that reflects how long a person will live, but it is more to do with life events – relationships with others, changes of circumstances and their physical and emotional wellbeing.


A Quick Guide to Chiromancy

Reading The Head Line:
  • Long straight line – You are likely to overanalyse situations and people and take time to make important decisions.
  • Long curved line – You are a creative thinker and often think about all possible outcomes before you make a decision.
  • Short line – You think quickly and do not take much time to make decisions or come to conclusions.
  • Line that splits in two – You find it easy to see others’ perspectives and are sensitive to their feelings. You may change your mind easily.
Reading The Heart Line:
  • Long straight line – You consider other people’s feelings and can be sensitive to their needs. You are a rational and analytical thinker.
  • Long curved line – You are driven by passion and creativity and will often put those needs before other people.
  • Short curved line – You are more open with people close to you and you prefer time with a small group of friends rather than a large group of people.
  • Short straight line – You show your love more by action rather than words. You are independent and like your freedom.
  • Line that splits in two – You often put other people’s needs first and may find it difficult to face your own emotions.
 Reading The Life Line: 
  • Long line – You are a strong person who will be there for other people. You will be a natural counsellor who friends and family call upon in difficult times.
  • Faint line – You are focussing too much on the stresses of daily life and could do with some relaxing time out using meditation, yoga or exercise.
  • Broken line – Breaks in your life line reflect traumatic experiences in life. These moments you will have had to make major decisions or life choices.
  • Short line – When you go through tricky periods in life, you tend to keep yourself busy to take your mind off it

What Can I Learn from a Palm Reading?


Palm readings can be astounding in the evidence they give you from your past – perhaps a major breakup in a relationship or the loss of a loved one. They can predict marriages, children and life events such as a change in job or moving house. They can enlighten you with your characteristics and traits, helping you to understand that changing certain aspects of your outlook may have a positive effect on your life.




When life presents difficult or upsetting events, it can sometimes be hard to focus on the future. Palmistry and psychic readings can help you to understand the past, make choices about present opportunities and give you enlightening and exciting guidance for the future. Do you want to know when you will meet your soulmate, whether you will have change in work, or do you need insight to current matters? Speak to one of our gifted Readers at TheCircle to get empowering advice.

PUBLISHED: 23 November 2016
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