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Colours, Energies and Understanding Aura Meaning


Auras are energy bodies that work on electro-magnetic energy. Understanding the aura meaning and aura colours, enables us to work on our energy fields


Everyone has an aura. Your aura gives information about you, your emotions, your truthfulness, how you communicate, how you think and make decisions and how you use power. The aura definition can disclose not only deep information about us but can show temporary influences, including what is going on in your life at the moment. This can be emotional or physical complaints, current restrictions in our life and particularly emotional situations which may be affecting us. Auras are energy bodies that work on electro-magnetic energy. They are not only seen in humans but can also be visible in animals and plants. People generally have their aura read and choose to experience aura healing because they want to release blockages in the chakras, thus allowing a better energy flow throughout their body.

Trying to view an aura should not be an overly concentrated attempt, in fact the best way to see an aura is to slightly defocus your eyes




Auras are often referred to as the psychic energy field and are sensed as a coloured band of light, sound and vibration. Anyone can learn how to see auras, and they can also learn the aura colour meanings and how to read auras. Aura colours should be read in the presence of a softly lit room, there should be limited bright light, yet enough light so it is not too dark. The person needs to be against a bright or dark background colour, a light to medium neutral colour is preferable. Trying to view an aura should not be an overly concentrated attempt, in fact the best way to see an aura is to slightly defocus your eyes and gaze in a relaxed way. If you relax while you try to see an aura, then you are opening your mind to the surroundings and much like meditation, it will be a subtle experience and awareness. Learning how to read auras and how to see auras can be difficult, because you are tuning in to that person, but with practise you will learn how to do it. Do not get impatient or believe that you do not have the ability to see them – everyone has the skill and ability once they have learned how to open up.

Aura’s can come through as all sorts of colours





Now you know the aura definition, you will be intrigued to know what are your aura colours! Aura’s can come through as all sorts of colours but the major colours are associated with red, green, blue, yellow, orange, indigo and violet. Some may be lighter or darker, some more or less intense, and some can include a metallic tint of silver or gold, black, white or grey. So what are the aura colour meanings? There are many meanings of the aura definition and colours, but see below for a quick snapshot:


  • RED – This person may have a healthy ego but also an unforgiving energy that may feel anxious or angry
  • BLUE – Calm and relaxed. This person has loving energies, may be intuitive and caring
  • GREEN – healthy and the colour of nature. This person is likely to love people, animals and nature. Shows emotions of balance, growth and renewal
  • YELLOW – This person is likely to be easy going, inspirational, optimistic and intelligent
  • ORANGE – Energetic, productive, creative, sociable, courageous and good health.
  • INDIGO – Related to the third time. Intuitive, sensitive, in touch with emotions
  • VIOLET – Most sensitive of the colours in the aura. Intuitive, sensitive, psychic, artistic.
  • WHITE – Pure, angelic energy, truth, loving and healthy.
  • BLACK – Indicative of past life problems. Unforgiving, unreleased anger and grief.
  • SILVER – This person may be going through a spiritual awakening, or have abundance in physical or spiritual ways.
  • GOLD – This person will be following divine guidance, they have wisdom, inner peace and intuitive thinking.

When you ask a specialist in aura readings ‘what colour is my aura?’ they may reel off several colours, some may be light or dark, some may be a shade of a colour or some may be a very clear definite colour. Experiencing aura healing allows our body, mind and soul to improve the communication and energy flow, creating a healthier place for our physical and emotional wellbeing. Aura colour meanings give us a spiritual link and provide information about our past, current life and our future. Some therapists also give aura readings by Kirlian which is photography of the aura. This helps them to see the aura colours clearly, so that they can give as much information about you as possible.

PUBLISHED: 29 March 2016



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