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Learn How to Astral Travel


With faith and practice anyone can learn how to have an out-of body experience.  In this article we look at:

  • What is astral travel?
  • The benefits of astral travel
  • 9 steps to travelling
  • Staying calm




Astral travel means leaving your physical body in what is known as your ‘astral body.  In normal life your astral body occupies the same space and time as your physical body, but it is made of more subtle material.  The astral body is also called the ‘energy body’ – it is pure energy, and it interpenetrates the physical body.

Some people describe the astral body as an intermediary, linking the physical body to the soul.  The ‘astral plane’, which is the realm of the astral body, is located between the level of pure spirit and the earth plane.  In the astral plane there are many other beings such as angels, faeries and demons.

When you sleep your astral body can leave your physical body.  Many dreams are partially remembered astral travel.  When we die our astral body leaves the physical body permanently, and we move first into the ‘astral realms’, which are the lowest level of the spirit realms.

When you astral travel consciously you will be aware of what’s happening and able to control your movements.  Your astral body remains connected to your physical body by what is called the ‘silver cord’, so you can’t ever get lost or be unable to get back.




The idea of being able to leave your body is intriguing and glamorous, but there are also some solid benefits;

  • You get a more detached, spiritual perspective when you know this isn’t the only ‘reality’
  • Many fears disappear or greatly reduce, because you know that life goes on after death
  • Astral travel can give you a great sense of calm
  • In ordinary life you will be able to focus your mind and think more clearly




Practice makes perfect, with this as with any other discipline.

  1. Learn lucid dreaming.  This means you are able to be conscious that you are dreaming when you are dreaming, and able to control what happens.  This can often be achieved just by affirming to yourself, before you go to sleep, that you’ll dream lucidly.  There are more complete instructions in an article on this site.  However, the ability to lucid dream isn’t essential to astral travel.  It will also help if you are experienced at meditating 
  2. Set your alarm for 3 or 4 am.  The small hours are best for practicing, although just before you go to sleep and just after you wake up are also good
  3. As you lie in bed, let yourself go into a relaxed state.  Focus on your breathing, relaxing and bringing your awareness into the ‘now’  - this helps still mental chatter.  Visualise yourself leaving your body, floating upwards and looking down on yourself.  Or you can imagine that these is a pulley above your bed that you grab, to pull yourself out
  4. Ask for your spirit guide or angel helpers to be with you – the astral plane can be strange at first.  Remind yourself to stay calm
  5. Tell yourself that you’re going to astral travel and imagine leaving your body.  You should find your mind begins to fill with lucid dream-images
  6. As you leave your body you will experience a jolt, a sensation of falling, strange lights, sounds and sensations.  This is because your vibrations are adjusting to the astral.  Try to relax – many people feel shocked, afraid or just disorientated, and that pops you straight back into your body
  7. Sometimes it helps to imagine that one arm, or leg is astrally projecting, so lifting yourself gradually into the astral plane.  Few people can astral travel immediately 
  8. Once out of your body, stick with your guide and don’t stay too long.  You can’t get lost because the silver cord of energy keeps you connected
  9. Tell yourself you’ll remember everything and fix a few details in your mind, as you drift into sleep.  Alternatively, if you wake up completely, note your experiences – you should do this anyway, when you do wake.  Leave at least 24 hours between astral travel experiences



First attempts are often unsuccessful, so keep trying.  It’s natural to feel anxious or over-excited, but these emotions will keep you earth-bound.  Never panic about anything, for the only thing to fear is fear itself.  Remember that body paralysis on waking is to be expected, and won’t last – it’s only while you’re re-aligning, and takes a matter of seconds.  And remember, practice, practice, practice, if you want to be a smooth traveller.





In this article we have explained astral travel and looked at 9 steps to achieving it.  However, the actual experience is very individual. Astral travel is wonderful, and is one of the best ‘proofs’ that we are more than just physical body, but skills such as this are unpredictable, and you may feel uneasy or alarmed.  That’s when you need the advice of our expert Readers who can guide and reassure you on all aspects of your out-of-body awareness.



PUBLISHED: 15 July 2016

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