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Are You Having Premonitions?


Premonitions are foreknowledge about the future.  This knowledge comes in ways that are outside the realms of known science.  Premonitions are slightly different from ‘prophecy’, which is usually used to mean foretelling the future for countries, events or large groups of people.  Prophecy sounds very important and fateful.  However, the more everyday happenings of premonition can be equally important and even life-changing.


Having premonitions isn’t the same as divination.  When you try to tell the future using tarot cards, crystal ball or by developing talents as a medium, you may have lots of success.  However, this is something you cultivate and do on purpose.  Premonitions come spontaneously, and the trick is to learn to take notice.

In this article we look at:

  • Who has premonitions?
  • What triggers premonitions?
  • How premonitions manifest
  • How to develop your ability to have premonitions



Some people have lots, and others will say they have never had anything of the sort.  However, it may take extreme circumstances, such as great danger, to trigger premonitions.  It is probable that everyone is capable of developing this sixth sense, and it may be something we have grown out of, as we became more civilized.

Quite possibly you can have premonitions and not notice them.  We are so used to screening out things that happen that don’t make sense to the conscious mind.  Start taking notice of all your reactions and you may discover that you have many more premonitions than you thought.




There are countless stories of people whose lives have been saved, or who saved others from death or serious injury through premonitions.  For instance, people have taken extra care on journeys because they had a premonition of an accident, to find they narrowly miss a collision because of this.  Or people have decided not to go on a plane because they have a bad ‘feeling’, and then the plane crashes.

Some of the most common premonitions connect parents and their children, where a sense of danger to the child triggers action that saves the child’s life.




People who are clairvoyant may get distinct visions of the future, but premonitions can happen to any of us.

  • You may see something in your mind’s eye that keeps on repeating, so you feel you have to take notice
  • You may hear a voice saying ‘Stop’ or ‘Take care’
  • You may have an overwhelming feeling that you should, or shouldn’t go somewhere, call on someone, or do something
  • Something may happen that seems like a coincidence – for instance a certain song may come onto the radio, a friend may phone, a photo fall out of an album – and this could later prove to be a harbinger of the future
  • Physical feelings can be premonitions, such as your stomach turning over, goose pimples or itches
  • Taste or smell could be a premonition – some people sense energies in this way
  • A premonition could come as a mood – why do you have this overwhelming sadness, fear or joy? 
  • Premonitions very often come as dreams, which is the way the subconscious can most easily get through



Ask yourself how often you ‘knew’ something wasn’t quite right before disaster struck, or had a good feeling about something that turned out to be right.  Chances are that has happened quite frequently, but then you just dismiss it as coincidence.

Premonitions can be really trivial.  For instance, you may call someone just as they were going to pick up the phone to you, or say what someone was about to say.  It’s easy to laugh at this and take it for granted, but this is premonition in action.  Of course, telepathy could play a part too, but telepathy may be part of premonition generally.

So resolve to respect your premonitions.  Get in the habit of asking yourself what you ‘feel’ is going to happen.  This is like exercising a muscle, and soon you may find that you’re having lots of premonitions.

  • Keep a record of events, however small, that indicate you had a correct premonition.  This is a signal to your subconscious that you respect it
  • Become aware of unexplained moods and physical sensations – note these and see if they relate to what follows (for instance, some people get itchy palms before receiving or paying out money)
  • Always keep a record of your dreams, because these are a primary way for premonitions to manifest.  If you keep a close record of dreams for several months you are virtually certain to find these tie up in some way with what happens in your life



We’ve looked at who has premonitions, what they are and how to develop them.  But what do you do if you have a scary feeling and you’re not sure if it’s a premonition, or imagination?  You may also not know what to do if you have a premonition of trouble or danger.  That’s when you need a professional to guide you, and our team of experienced and insightful Readers is only a call away, so contact us today and put your mind at ease.


PUBLISHED: 20 July 2016

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