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Are You Clairsentient?


‘Clairvoyant’ is the word we usually use to mean psychic abilities. This word implies that a person can ‘see’ into the spirit world. If you’re clairvoyant you may see ghosts easily, find meaningful images and pictures just come up in your mind or even have visions. 


If this doesn’t happen to you, you might dismiss yourself as not having psychic powers, but that could be a mistake. Psychic ability does not only manifest as ‘seeing’. There are various ways of tuning in to other realities. If you are clairsentient it’s easy to dismiss your strange, seemingly senseless feelings as a mood. Once you start noticing them, you may find you know more than you thought.
Learn more about:
  • What clairsentience actually is
  • Why it often goes unnoticed
  • Your own clairsentient abilities
  • How to develop clairsentience


This is the ability to be aware of things that are not of this world, through your emotions. In other words, while a clairvoyant might actually ‘see’ an unhappy, ghostly figure, and a clauradient person might hear weeping coming from nowhere, you will simply feel overwhelming sadness. Because this makes no sense, you have probably got in the habit of reasoning yourself out of your feelings. Once you realise these may be significant, you can develop them.
Clairsentience includes bodily sensations. For instance it may feel as if your hair stands on end, there’s a tingle down your spine or a sensation of hot or cold. You may feel the bodily sensations that go along with extreme emotion, like starting to cry, feeling sick or going red in the face. Sometimes these may happen without you actually experiencing the emotion – or may come before it.
Clairsentience may also mean you can smell spirit beings, as in Auntie Grace’s perfume or Uncle Ron’s tobacco.  It may also involve taste, too. This may also be called clairolfaction. Strictly speaking, this ability is different from clairsentience, but very often manifests with it.


If you are clairsentient then you will not only be picking up on messages and emotions from the spirit world. You will also soak up the feelings of others like a sponge. So when you come into a room, however haunted it may be, you will be affected by the mood of the people you are with. If they are experiencing strong emotions like anger you could be edgy and uncomfortable. If they’re sad you could feel depressed. If they are aggressively disbelieving, it could wipe out your more subtle impressions.
Another point about clairsentience is that it is much easier to ignore or brush off. In fact if you are clairsentient it’s highly likely that you put almost all of what you pick up down to you being over-sensitive or just moody. If you are readily affected by places and often feel drained by certain people, it’s very likely you are clairsentient and you could develop this.



You may well be clairsentient of most of the following apply to you:
  • You’re very easily affected by the emotions of others
  • Often you know how people feel without them having to say a word
  • Certain places have a strong effect on you, often without you knowing why
  • You’ve had experiences of knowing something good or bad has happened in a place and this has later been confirmed as true
  • You experience aches and pains that come and go without being consistent
  • Being in a crowded room drains you quite quickly
  • Some people make you feel exhausted just being with them
  • Your moods are up and down, but tend to stabilize when you’re alone somewhere you feel comfortable


If you have been in the habit of distrusting those feelings, you will need to work on really listening to them. If you are in the habit of telling yourself you’re over-sensitive or imaginative, stop it.
Take note of your moods and bodily sensations and see if you can link them with where you’ve been or who you were with. If you record this you will probably begin to see links. For instance, if you feel anxious and that seems to coincide with visits to a certain place, find out the history of the place. If you tend to get an ache in your knee, for no reason, find out if someone earlier had a really bad knee.
Treat yourself gently, keeping away from people who drain you and crowds. Spend regular time alone in Nature and meditate/practice mindfulness for ten minutes daily.
Sometimes your impressions of a place can be obscured by who you’re with. Wait till you’re alone and see what impressions come through – sometimes all is clearer in retrospect.
You can really exercise your clairsentience by asking your body and your feelings for answers, in the same way a clairvoyant might look into a crystal ball. If you are concerned about a friend, how are they feeling? Are they upset and/or in pain? Well, how are you feeling? If you go into a house that’s said to be haunted, what emotions and sensations are you experiencing? Check out your answers – the more you trust your clairsentience the stronger and more reliable it will get. Eventually you’ll find there’s so much you just ‘know’ you’ll be able to navigate your way through life very well by your instincts.



Now you know what clairsentience is, how it can be obscured, you’re closer to knowing whether you’re clairsentient and how to develop it. Having psychic skills is a great gift but it can sometimes lead to worry. If you’re at all uneasy about anything you sense or want answers to questions you cannot get yourself, just call one of our intuitive Readers who will give you all the guidance you need.



PUBLISHED: 03 May 2018

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