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Will There Be Bad News in my Psychic Reading?


When people go for their first psychic reading, one of the concerns many have is that they will receive bad news.  A big reason why the people who believe in psychics don't have readings themselves is they prefer not to know. 


The argument goes: if I can live my life without the knowledge, should I not just do that, rather than risk hearing something alarming? But the reality is that psychics are not there to alarm us. 


There are a great many things that psychics can tell about us. From the minute we engage with them, there are some who will see an aura around the person and be able to tell what colour it is.  Even without the person revealing anything about themselves - their age, marital status, occupation etc., they will find that the psychic will be able to tell them things that resonate. 


It may be a feeling that a person is on the cusp of a major life decision. It could be that the client is desperate for answers to a question which is bothering them. 


The psychic will be able to guide you as to ways of minimising risks, as well as leading you towards a true path. It is really only ignorance of what it is like to have a reading from a psychic that holds some back. So it is always good to ask other people about their own experiences, and see if there are psychics they recommend.  The chances are, the better the psychic the better your experience and so it is a good idea to check out online feedback about psychics. There are some sites that list psychics with their ratings from previous clients, which can be a good guide. 



The key question to answer, though, is: do I want to ask a direct question that requires a specific answer, which could potentially be bad news?  So the general guide to newcomers may be to ask the right questions, to achieve the best results. 


Particularly in respect of love issues, a question could be framed either: "will my partner cheat on me?" or "what are the ways I can ensure that my partner stays faithful?"  A psychic will be able to answer the second question more accurately, as they can give a reading to guide the client to take the right path. 


Relationship issues are one of the biggest subjects to crop up in psychic readings, so it is better to go into the reading with a clear goal in mind - finding the best solution to the problem - so that you can work with the psychic more effectively.



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