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Love Divination – Ways To Find Out About Your Lover-To-Be

Who will be your lover? Will your love last? On or around Valentine’s Day is a great time to try a Love Oracle. The truth is out there!
Check out:
  • Apple divination
  • Sizzling bay leaves
  • Lunar Lore
  • Romantic rose




Apples are ruled by Venus, and so have a link to love. Some consider them to be a faerie fruit, served in the Otherworld. Small wonder they are useful for love divinations.  Here are several to try:
WILL YOU MARRY OR PARTNER UP SOON?  Cut an apple in two and count the seeds.  If there is an even number, marriage or permanent commitment will soon take place.  If one of the seeds is cut the relationship will be stormy.  If two are cut, danger of some sort is foretold, and if the number of seeds is uneven you’re going to be single for a while still.
LOVER’S INITIAL.  Peel an apple completely, making sure the peel remains in one single strip.  (if the peel does break start again with a fresh apple)  While you are peeling concentrate on your question.  Who is your true love?  Who will you be with for the rest of your life?  Who is right for you? – or however you want to express it.  When the apple has been completely peeled, throw the peel over your left shoulder, without looking.  When the strip of peel has landed, turn and look at it.  Consider its shape.  It should form an initial or some other shape that answers your question.
APPLE ALPHABET.  This also involves peeling an apple.  Recite the alphabet while peeling the apple.  When the peel breaks the letter you’re at is the initial of your true love.  Make sure you keep saying the alphabet until the peel has broken or the apple is completely peeled.



All you need is two bay leaves and some smouldering charcoal to assess the future of your relationship.  Place the two leaves side by side on the charcoal:
  • If they reduce quickly to ash then it’s game on! The future looks good and love burns strong and passionate.
  • Any crackling indicates arguments and an unpredictable, tempestuous relationship.
  • If they spark or crackle and jump away from each other, that’s not a good indication of a happy union. You may be better off alone, or at least looking for romance elsewhere.


The Full Moon can liberate your intuition, but make sure you avoid the lunar eclipse early on February 11th. Hopefully the weather will be clear enough for you to see the Moon around this time, but if not you can always try next month. This divination is best done when you can be outside, soaking yourself in the pale, magical light.
  • Clarify your love question in your mind. This can be who, when, where or any other query. Then let the question leave your mind, look up at the moon and absorb its power and beauty. Gaze up at it for as long as you like. The answers you seek may come into your mind in the moonlight, or they may crystallise later.
  • Old fashioned ‘scrying’ means looking for images in a reflective or irregular surface. You can do this with a bowl of water in the moonlight. Fill a glass or silver bowl with spring water and take it out into the moonlight. Form your love question in your mind. Gaze deep into it and see what pictures reveal themselves or come into your mind.
  • For a more complete or complex picture, place your bowl of water as above. Then place four candles, lanterns or lit torches at the four quarters of the compass. As you place the eastern torch say “I ask for the inspiration of Air’. In the south ‘I ask for the inspiration of Fire’. In the west ‘I ask for the inspiration of Water’ and in the north ‘I ask for the inspiration of Earth’. Look deep into the water, watching the dance of the flames, and see what is revealed.



These beautiful flowers symbolise love and are often given on Valentine’s Day. Are you brave enough to test your love with a rose? Don’t count the petals first – pull them off one by one saying ‘He/she loves me’ and then ‘He loves me not’, petal by petal. The answer is given as you pull the last petal. If the answer is yes, save the petals and put them in your bath water, for extra luck.




In this article you have a selection of love oracles to choose from, using apples, bay leaves, the Moon and the rose. You can have fun with this divination – and often surprise yourself with the accuracy of your answers. However, there’s no substitute for the insight of a skilled professional, so if you want clearer answers and personal support, contact one of our Readers to get the low-down on your love life.


PUBLISHED: 14 February 2017

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