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Why Don't I Get Past a First Date?


A question many of us singletons may ask. The first date seemed to go so smoothly. Funny, witty and fascinating, you did your best to show how amazing you are. Your date seemed blown away by your personality and promised to call. The phone has never been so silent. 



The nagging self-doubt starts to creep in. Negative thoughts and feelings race through your mind. Getting a balanced perspective about the dating game is tricky. But there are external factors that you have no control over for example: 
The other person may not be honest about what they want from the date. 
They could be serial first daters who are seriously allergic to commitment. 
There are emotional wimps out there who will pretend that they are having a fantastic time. They will promise to call you asap, you will never hear from them again. 
Be aware that there are many people out there that are immature and who are incapable of making an emotionally intelligent decision yet, they are just not ready. 

Find a perfect person for you

Fortunately there is help out there to maximise the possibility of finding the perfect person for you. Following these simple suggestions can help you and ensure that elusive second date:
Make sure that you are mentally prepared for your date.
Be honest with yourself. If no one calls after the first date, look at your behavioural patterns that might be blocking a connection. Do you have a cold persona? Do you expect the other person to do all the communicating? 
Interrogation and asking too many probing questions is best left to the legal profession and is not appropriate for a hot date!
Take a genuine interest in your date and LISTEN, then respond. 
Never wear a bleeding heart on your sleeve. Being an emotional wreck on your first date is seriously unattractive.
Keep that air of mystery and fun pumped up! If your date spills out their emotional debris too soon, RUN. 
Talking too fast suggests an inability to think clearly and about the other person. Slowing your conversation and using positive language makes you more attractive. 
Always remember to be yourself, it is easy to spot a fake a mile of and there is nothing sexier than confidence in who you are. Take these simple steps and you’ll soon be on your second and third date.
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