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It's time to boost your aura


If you're looking for love but have questions like 'where have all the good men gone?' or 'I never have any luck in love' then I can help you find the answers by looking at your aura. .

What is your aura?  Your aura is a force field surrounding you and is actually the energy you emit from within. Your aura is an energetic blueprint of all the experiences in your life, good and bad. It includes all your ingrained beliefs, desires and fears - conscious and unconscious. The health of your aura is essential to your happiness, because every thought and emotion you have will radiate vibrations that attract like-minded people and repel others. This means that we gel and feel chemistry with similar people, but we don't connect with people whose thoughts and beliefs are different to ours.


There are seven levels to your aura which contain information on every aspect of who you are. The levels range from your physical health, sexuality, intellect, love for yourself and others to your spiritual development and creativity.

As our thoughts and feelings change, so our aura will reflect that change. Appearances can be deceptive but we all pick up on a 'feeling' of the energy emanating from someone. So a miserable person with low self-esteem will feel awkward around someone who feels positive and happy and their aura will send out this message to others. Let's look at each level of your aura and see if you need to strengthen it to attract the love you want.



This relates to our needs on a physical level. If you are unhealthy, eat bad foods, don't like being touched or have insomnia, then you don't have a healthy first level.





This relates to whether you love yourself in a healthy way. If you feel unattractive, depressed, feel unworthy of love, and are self-critical then you don't have a healthy second level.





This relates to how you think, study and use your intellect. If you constantly overanalyze, don't read, study or learn new things, then you don't have a healthy third level.





This relates to how you give affection to others. If you are a loner and you put yourself first and don't think of showing kindness or giving affection to others, then you don't have a healthy fourth level.





This relates to feeling connected to the greater pattern of life. If you are untidy, always late, disorganised, rebel against rules and feel you are on the wrong path or shouldn't be here at all, then you don't have a healthy fifth level. .




This reflects our need for spiritual experiences. If you are cynical about God or spirituality, feel uninspired, that life is meaningless, are close-minded and think psychic and spiritual experiences are a fantasy, then you don't have a healthy sixth level.




This reflects our need to be creative and to make our highest ideals and dreams become a reality. If you feel uninspired, can't think creatively or come up with ideas, can't tum ideas into reality or find it hard to grasp others' ideas or philosophies, then you don't have a healthy seventh level.


By discovering the weak areas in you aura, you can find the parts of yourself that you are capable of improving upon and in the process become a happier, healthier person. Let your light shine!


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