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Six Gifts To Give Your Lover This Christmas


Christmas is a time of giving.  But it’s not just about what you buy and wrap up.  There are other more important gifts to give, if you want your relationship to be close and fulfilling.


Why not think about:
  • A special love-letter
  • A promise box
  • Time together
  • Their favourite meal
  • A thoughtful voucher
  • An advent of compliments


Don’t be content with going out and buying one of those cards that says ‘Happy Christmas to the One I Love’ and just signing your name.  Instead, sit down and write a sincere love letter to put inside it.  Or you could write it on red paper and wrap it into a Christmas scroll!
In the letter put all the things you are grateful about and all the things you love about your partner.  Show that you appreciate what they have done for you and bring into your life.  Your partner can treasure this and re-read it whenever they want.


Find a pretty Christmas box and some plain cards that will fit neatly inside.  On each of the cards write a promise.  You can offer things like a massage, an extra-big cuddle or anything you know your dearest will love.  The idea is that your partner can exchange a card for the promise on it at any time that’s possible for you both.
Make your Promise Box as decorative as you like with glitter and stickers, and tie it with some Christmas ribbon.


This is such a busy time of year.  You may both be rushing around, shopping, entertaining friends and family and going out.  Before you realise it the two of you have lost ‘connection’.  You may start arguing, getting irritable with each other and the niggles could grow to spoil your Christmas.  Don’t go there!
Book some time to spend together doing whatever your partner wants – after all, it’s their ‘gift’!  Try to enter into whatever it is they enjoy and make a real effort to be part of it, even if it isn’t something you would usually do.  Just for now put all the lists and plans to one side and empathise with the one you love.  Their joy can be your joy if you open your heart.


There’s only so many sausage rolls and mince pies that a person can eat.  Your partner may be fed up.  Worse still, he or she may not like the usual Christmas fare and may long for something different.
Forget all the usual ideas about what a person should want for a main meal.  Find out what your partner would really like to eat and set it in front of them one evening.  Never mind if it’s pickled egg and crisps or beans on toast.  Give it a festive vibe by sticking a sprig of holly into it and feast!


It’s easy to get vouchers for meals out, hot air balloon rides, driving experiences and many other activities.  But maybe there is something your partner would like for which there isn’t a formal voucher.  Maybe they would like to try wood-turning, dancing, learn to swim – or many other activities.
The best part of this gift is that it shows your partner that you’ve truly listened to what they love.  The more obscure and wacky it is, the better, because that means you’ve put in more effort.  However, this isn’t a gift to get wrong!  Be very sure that your dear one really does dream of this activity.  And the most important thing to be watchful of is that you don’t assume they want something that you actually want!  Get it right and it’ll be amazing – your dearest may never forget!


During the run-up to Christmas, pay your lover a sincere compliment each day.  Try not to repeat the compliment.  Think of all the things you love about them, from the way their eyes crinkle when they smile to how much you value their reliability/kindness/dynamism – whatever!  Thinking of all of these compliments will have a wonderful effect on you too, because it will reveal to you how much this wonderful person really means to you.
If you like you could make your compliments into an advent calendar, so they have a lovely window to open each day.  Or you could just tell them at different times of the day.  You could even keep the fact you’ve planned this a secret and just see how the love an appreciation builds between you as Christmas approaches.


You have six gifts to give your lover if you wish.  These include a special love letter, a promise box, time together, their favourite meal, an original voucher and an advent of compliments.  All of these will really enhance your relationship.  Most of them cost very little and they will mean so much.

But if things aren’t that easy and you are worried about your partnership, the best ‘gift’ for the two of you is some good advice.  So don’t wait – contact one of our wise team of Readers without delay and get on track for a lovey-dovey Christmas.



PUBLISHED: 17 September 2018

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