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Reading The Signs She Likes You

Does she like me? How to read eye contact and body language – find out how to know a girl likes you…


Most people would agree that ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’. What is it that makes us so different? It seems to all boil down to the fact that women seem to think and act more with their emotions and men mostly make decisions more with the head, rather than the heart. Although we have our differences, we seem to combine effortlessly and keep alive the existence of the human race. An attraction between man and woman is often fairly easy to read, but what happens if it’s not obvious and perhaps one of you is shy?
It can be frustrating and confusing and is often even harder when the girl is already a friend…


Are you attracted to a girl and you’re not sure if she likes you back? Learning how to know a girl likes you can open up the possibilities to your future, especially if she is timid in her forthcomings. It can be really hard to tell and many men are nervous of putting their heart on the line and admitting their attraction, in case they are rejected by her. It can be frustrating and confusing and is often even harder when the girl is already a friend. You may be worrying that if she’s not interested, you could potentially spoil your friendship if you say how you feel. If you do not already know her, then it can sometimes be tricky to make conversation or to get her attention so that you can start talking. Wondering does she like me, is really just the beginning of your heart telling you that there may be potential between you.
Women often make more effort in their appearance when they are attracted to a man…
Looking for the signs that a girl likes you will give you the confidence to know that you should feel comfortable approaching her to tell her how you feel. Most women are very aware of their body language and will openly display if they like somebody. Just like women, men can spend time over analysing a conversation or a text message, when really they should just be themselves with her. There are a few signs that you can look out for:
EYE CONTACT: If your eyes lock across a crowded room, she is giving you a sure sign that she likes you – but if she is shy she may just sneak quick glances at you in the hope that you don’t see her looking. Does she find it difficult to keep continuous eye contact with you when you are talking to her? This can also be one of the signs she likes you.
BODY LANGUAGE: Learn to read her body language. If she is standing within close proximity of you, then she likes you because she’s sharing her personal space. If she is talking to you and her body is facing you (not sideways) then this is one of the signs she likes you too.
CONVERSATION: If a girl comes across as keen to talk to you, listens attentively and keeps the conversation flowing by asking you questions, she is almost certainly interested in you. If she touches your hand or arm while she is talking to you, this is also a good sign that she likes you. Physical contact shows that she feels comfortable in your presence.
REMOTE CONTACT: Has she asked you to link up on social media or perhaps taken your mobile number? Does she text you without any real need for conversation, but is just making conversation? This is a sign that she wants to speak to you and to know more about you.
FRIENDS: Has she started hanging around with your group of friends? If she is choosing to spend time with people she is not usually overly friendly with, then perhaps she is trying to spend time with you?
APPEARANCE: If she seems to be making much more of an effort with her clothes, hair and makeup then this is a sure sign that she’s trying to impress you. Women often make more effort in their appearance when they are attracted to a man.
If she opens up to you, then this is a sign that she trusts you…


Women love to talk! Show her that you’re interested in her by asking her questions about not only her work, but her personal life. This shows that you are keen to get to know her on a personal level and want to know more about her. If she opens up to you, then this is a sign that she trusts you. What is she talking to you about? If she spends most of her time talking about her ex, then maybe she needs a bit more time to get over him. If she is telling you about her family, work, friends and home life – then she wants you to know more about her. Being aware of what is she talking to you about is a good start in how to know a girl likes you. Once you feel comfortable, tell her how you feel and ask her out on a date.




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PUBLISHED: 30 August 2016

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