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How To Tell The Signs He Likes You

What are the signs that a man likes you? How to know a guy likes you, read his body language and look for the subtle signs…
The difference in how men and women think and communicate is often huge, but somehow we manage to get along just fine. We connect, set up home, reproduce and grow old together, perhaps with a few bumps along the way, but often we make it work. We were designed and created to love one another and although we have our differences, we all want to be loved.





Reading a man’s mind is nearly impossible for a woman! Just the same, men also find it difficult to understand what is going on in a woman’s mind. Women are far more linked to their emotions and can sometimes read way too much into a situation, while men are more rational thinkers, often keeping their thoughts and emotions to themselves. Women will expect a man to ‘just know’ what she is feeling, but this is often not the case -  it would be better to openly say how you feel, instead of getting frustrated and making them guess. Finding some balance can be tricky but communication really is the key, and allows for a relationship of trust and respect. But what happens if you are attracted to a man but you’re not sure if they are attracted to you?




It is believed that a woman has a sixth sense and will know if a man is attracted to her. Women are good at reading body language and looking for the signs of attraction. A man can be fairly easy to read and you’ll notice that his body language doesn’t necessarily mean the same as what is he talking to you about. Men are often nervous of saying the wrong thing – because a woman may take it at face value – or of being rejected point blank. Women seem to be far more aware of their own body language and how to manipulate it, unlike men whose unconscious actions will give away how they are feeling.

Whether it’s a half smile because he feels shy around you, or a warm smile - this is a sure sign that he is attracted to you…



Some men are very obvious with their body language and will come across as smooth talkers or charmers, keeping discretion at bay. But if it’s isn’t very obvious, look out for the following signs he likes you: 

EYE CONTACT: If he is finding it difficult to keep eye contact, seems somewhat shy or looks away when you glance over, it is one of the sure signs he likes you and is attracted to you. A man who is blatantly staring or leering at you is far more interested in a sexual way.
POSTURE: If a man is attracted to you he will stand tall to display his masculinity. This is one of the very obvious signs he likes you as he is trying to impress you.
SMILING: Whether it’s a half smile because he feels shy around you, or a warm smile - this is a sure sign that he is attracted to you. How does his smile make you feel? If you feel he is attentive, interested or respectful, then this is an indication.
BEHAVIOUR: Many men unconsciously exaggerate their behaviour around someone they are attracted to. If he starts to talk louder, uses more expressive gestures and appears to want to be the centre of attention – he is trying to impress you.
CONVERSATION: What is he talking to you about? If the subject is how successful he is at work or his love for his family, then this is one of the signs he wants to impress you


Does he like me? Sometimes it’s very obvious and sometimes it can be really difficult to know the signs he likes you. Working out how to know a guy likes you can sometimes feel like you’re putting your heart on the line, especially if you end up having to openly ask him about his feelings. Some men can be very shy, more so if they feel that you are out of their league.


However, there can be some subtle signs that you can also look out for, aside from eye contact and body language. They may be more interested in making contact when you are not face to face with them.They may start a friendly conversation by text message, perhaps asking if you have any plans – hoping that you may suggest to meet up. He may pretend he is just making casual conversation and will speak to you like a new friend, eventually becoming brave enough to suggest that you drop by for a coffee. Every man is different but read between the lines if you’re attracted to him, so that you can pick up how to know a guy likes you.



Knowing how to read the signs he likes you can be quite tricky, especially if he is a nervous character. Are you often thinking “does he like me?” Find out what’s about to happen in your love life and speak the UK’s most expert Love Psychics at TheCircle. You may be just about to connect with your soulmate…


PUBLISHED: 11 August 2016

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