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Spotting Signs A Guy Likes You


There are many signs a guy likes you in his gestures and expressions. His mates may give the game away, too. When you’re loved up yourself, and/or shy, it can be very hard to read the signals. Check out our simple guide to be one jump ahead in the dating game.



The signs a man likes you are given away in his body language:
  • He looks at you a lot.  His eyebrow may go up, just a little, probably without his really being aware of it
  • He focusses on your face a lot and makes eye contact
  • His eye contact tends to last just a little bit longer than necessary
  • He leans towards you – entering your personal space is a major sign of interest
  • One of the signs a man likes you is that he’ll probably avoid turning his back on you.  Whomever he’s talking to, he keeps you in his sight
  • Look at the direction his hands, feet, legs and toes are pointed.  They’re a major subconscious indication of interest, and if they’re directed your way it’s Game on!
  • He ‘grooms’ himself – straightens his sweater, runs his hands through his hair, does up his shoelaces etc. It’s a bit like a peacock preening himself in front of a potential mate
  • How is he sitting? If he has his legs apart, if he’s squaring his shoulders and has his hands on his hips then he’s doing his best to look ‘manly’
  • How is he standing? If he’s standing tall, legs apart, hands on hips, making sure he’s facing – or at least partly facing you, then he’s wanting to make an impression


Liking and fancying are one thing, being in love is another. The signs that a guy is in love with you go deeper. His behaviour can change, showing how much you’re on his mind:
  • He answers your texts immediately – unless there’s a very good reason
  • He starts being interested in music and activities that you like, but that he wasn’t bothered about before
  • He goes that extra mile to please you
  • Spending time with you is one of the major signs that a guy is in love with you, and he’ll forego his usual pastimes just to be with you (be realistic, though. Giving up his footie, for instance, could mean more than you can possibly understand!)
  • When he smiles and looks at you, there’s a special ‘something’ in his expression. Your heart will tell you. Look him in the eyes and you’ll see his pupils are dilated, too
  • He buys you little presents. They may not be exactly what you want, but he’s telling you he’s giving you his heart
  • He takes you out properly, as in dinner and cinema, and you get to choose the restaurant and film.  This means a lot more than hanging out down the pub
  • Signs that a guy is in love with you are there when you have sex.  Is he deeply considerate?  Does he make love almost with his soul?  You can just feel his depth of emotion, if he truly cares
  • He tells you he loves you.  Okay, some men just say that to get what they want and others never manage to say it, even after thirty years of marriage.  But if he does say it, it’s the best indication of all!


When dating a guy you want to be sure he really respects you, as well as thinks you’re hot.  Look out for the following signs:
  • He makes sure that you go where you want to go, on the first few dates.
  • The guy pays on the first date – and maybe afterwards, too.  This all depends on budget, of course, and how you feel about equality issues, but it’s a good sign of caring and generosity.  Naturally, you’ll show you’re generous too, as the relationship progresses….
  • He listens to what you say and respects your opinion
  • He’s just a little jealous when he sees/hears about other guys close to you, because he knows your value (but he’s not suspicious or controlling)
  • He’s proud to introduce you to his friends and family
  • He pays you some lovely compliments
  • When you’re down he does his best to cheer you – without getting down himself or thinking its his fault
  • You feel just great when you’re with him


In this guide we’ve looked at spotting signs a guy likes you, body language signs a man likes you, signs that a guy is in love with you and dating a guy. Of course, no guide can ever be a complete key to human nature, but this can be a starting point.
If none of the signs a guy likes you are obvious, well it just could be that he’s very repressed, nervous – or that he’s read this guide and wants to make sure that you don’t guess is his feelings! But it’s far more likely he just isn’t into you.
A final test of whether a guy likes you is to ask him on a date. Keep it casual – maybe ask him to go bowling or to the cinema along with a couple of mates. Most guys like a girl to make the first move, as long as she’s not too pushy.
If none of this works and you get no interest, move on. Okay, anything’s possible and there may be hidden passion deep in his heart – but so what? A guy like that isn’t going to be fun, or fulfilling to be with.  Find someone more worthy of your interest and enjoy your life.
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