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Even the best partnership can go stale.  Most of us want to be in a stable relationship, but the truth is that ‘stability’ can mean boredom.  Of course, if you want your love to last you have to make some sacrifices – you can’t expect to exist on a high all the time.  But don’t give up.  There are a few things you can do to inject excitement and enthusiasm into your love-life.



We all know a holiday can be fun, but it can also make you grow closer.  If you can’t afford anything flashy, take a budget-break.  You will have some time for each other, but you can also have a great time together.  Sharing entertainment and new stimulation can raise the ‘vibrations’ of both of you, putting you in harmony and enabling you to look at life differently.  While you’re on holiday make a note of what really made you feel high.  Team this with photos and mementos and relive all those feelings with your lover in special moments when you’re back home – that way you can keep the holiday feeling all the time.


In the evenings do you put your feet up and watch telly?  That’s nice sometimes, but why not switch off the box and get out a board game?  This will help you interact and can lead to interesting thoughts and lots of laughs.


What matters to both of you?  Maybe it’s the local hospice, maybe it’s conservation, politics, or just your neighbourhood footie team.  Do it together and get absorbed.


Have times when you can really talk, without interrupting, getting cross or walking off.  Maybe you could have a ‘Talking Stick’ that you take it in turns to hold.  So the person who has the ‘stick’ speaks as calmly and clearly as possible, and the other listens.  You can take notes but you mustn’t speak up.  Maybe set a timer, so you only have three to five minutes a go.  Then you swap. This can lead to a much better understanding, although it can reveal deep issues – you have been warned!


You may know that when you exercise your body releases its own form of morphine, called ‘endorphins’.  Exercising together means you get on a high together – fabulous thought!


We all love a nice surprise, but it must be nice!  Plan something that will be convenient – for instance don’t whisk your dear one off to a night of wild dancing after they’ve had an especially tough day, or take them out to somewhere they’re not dressed for.  A surprise should be in keeping with what your lover loves, so make sure you’ve listened to them before you make plans.


Find something you both find amusing and giggle your way to an endorphin-high (see ‘Exercise Together’ above).  It’s an amazing tonic! 
Sometimes with the best will in the world it can be hard to boost a flagging partnership.  That’s when you owe it to yourself to get support.  Dating advice and relationship advice are available with a few clicks, when you contact us at The Circle.  Find clarity with your love issues, get your relationship horoscope or benefit from psychic insight.  There’s no need to cope with your concerns alone – put in a call today.
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