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Love Fest Day Sunday July 17th 2016


Every so often the planets line up to give us a helping hand, and on Sunday July 17th Mercury and Venus will be conjunct in the sign of Leo, which adds up to a very warm-hearted, joyful day.  However, the romantic vibe could just slip by you as a good mood, unless you’re ready to make an effort.  So get switched on to love and make this the best Sunday of the year.



Be active and creative with your lover.  Playing a sport together will up that feel-good factor, going to a play or cinema will take you out of yourselves.  Playing with children will enable you both to channel your own inner child, and have fun.  If you’re single, leisure centres and theatres could turn up that romantic encounter!





Staying at home is usually dear to your heart and the good news is that you can have the best time of all in your nest.  So why not enjoy a champagne breakfast in bed, followed by a lazy day when most of the action is horizontal!  If you’re single think about visiting family and keep your eyes open for who you meet on the way!





You love talking but today make sure you really listen to what your darling has to say.  Quality time, when you can discuss things and make plans will bring you so much closer together.  Visit interesting local places and enjoy sharing your views.  If you’re single, a fascinating someone could appear on line, or at a talk or course you attend.





Have a special meal with your dearest and flash a little cash, to feel a bit special.  No, you don’t have to stretch the plastic, but wine, chocolates and a new top should be manageable.  Enjoy simple pleasures together – that means each other!  If you’re single, look out for eye candy in shops and banks.




This is an especially lovely day for you as the conjunction falls in your own sign, enhancing your charm, magnetism and ability to revel in life’s pleasures.  So shine, be generous and give of yourself.  If you smile and show how much you’re enjoying yourself, the one you love will light up.  If you’re single, put on your pulling shoes and go out to live it up!





Spend today in intimate isolation.  If you share spirituality with your partner, explore and expand this, deepening your soul connection.  Doing a good deed together can be an amazing bonding factor.  Single?  Hospitals and monasteries might not seem great places to get your flirt on, but you’ll be surprised! 





Being with a group of friends will make you both sparkle so organise an outing with mates and have a laugh.  You’ll also get a buzz from helping out at a charity event, or just doing something – anything – that’s different from usual.  The same goes for singles – break out of your comfort zone and throw yourself into the community, for that unforgettable encounter!





The essence of love isn’t two people gazing into each other’s eyes but a couple looking ahead towards the same goal.  Clarify yours together, today, and get closer by committing to helping each other build a great future.  Singles can meet their match doing something that requires effort – think climbing, building, walking, helping on a farm.  Shared work can be a surprising aphrodisiac.





You love adventure and you’re in your element because the stars favour sweeping your lover away somewhere new and exciting.  If you can afford to jet off to Exotica, great.  If your budget is modest you’ll have to be inventive, but you can do it!  If you’re single, mingle anywhere multi-cultural, or linked to higher education, and see what drops in your lucky lap!





Try not to be afraid of revealing your deepest emotions and fears, because that could increase the passion between you now.  Time spent in a secret love-nest will be sooo sexy.  Talk about your past and your fantasies – can you handle the intensity?  If you’re single, a ghost tour could bring you a shiver – in the nicest possible way!





What brought you together in the first place?  Relive the magic of this and strengthen the connection between you with all the interests you share.  Talk about your relationship – are you both satisfied or could you make improvements?  Be constructive and take nothing personally.  If you’re single, speed dating or a date arranged by others rocks.





Doing chores together will be fun – don’t say ‘Ugh’!  There’s nothing like the shared satisfaction of a tidy house and garden.  Afterwards it gets more interesting – how about sharing a bath, massaging each other with scented oils and getting physical?  If you’re single, look out for a therapy taster event or garden centre to spot the talent?





It’s nice when the stars can give you a nudge towards finding love, but sometimes it seems a lot harder and you may be coping with issues that are difficult or distressing.  That’s when you need help on a deeper level, and the good news is that this is readily available with our Readers.  An empathic, insightful Reader is waiting now for your call, so get in contact and feel better immediately.



PUBLISHED: 13 July 2016

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