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Life After Divorce

Many people find that focusing on their new life and looking at it from a positive perspective will create new thoughts and goals for the future.


Life after divorce can be confusing. You married someone who you thought you would spend the rest of your life with, yet your relationship has now been brought to an end. Divorce in itself can be a devastating and an incredibly draining situation which often finds people feeling angry and completely lost. Now the process has ended, you need healing time; time to accept what has happened, to build yourself a new life, to get your confidence back and to most importantly give yourself some breathing space to heal your emotions.


It is difficult to simply divorce and move on, never broaching the subject again. This can create internal negative energy and would in some cases be burying your head in the sand. Emotions should not be supressed; they should be discussed and talked through with someone you can trust. Whether this is a counsellor or a good friend, there is always support to help you move through this process. Some people may be incredibly happy that their divorce has completed! However, it does not mean that it hasn’t been a tricky and all-consuming event in their life. It is important to be open and don’t bury your feelings – this is an emotional process that you are going through. Talking about it will speed up the healing time.


As the weeks go by you will find that you start to regain your energy and feel better about yourself and your situation. Remember, divorce is often very draining and your energy needs to renew itself. This will start the process of moving on. Many people find that focusing on their new life and looking at it from a positive perspective will create new thoughts and goals for the future. If you have had to move house, do everything you can to create a beautiful space in your new home especially for you. You can make it just how YOU want it to be! Enjoy personalising and perfecting your home environment so it is your peaceful haven. Make time to see your friends and family, get out and spend time with others. Don’t lock yourself away and be lonely.

Learning to forgive will liberate you.


Whether you were the one to bring the marriage to an end or your ex-spouse, there is often blame from both parties. This can cause resentment and extremely negative energy within and it is important that this is eventually released. If your outlook on life is, ‘it was meant to be’, then you may find it easier to let go of this energy that possibly still binds you. If you are not a big believer in fate and you still feel baffled at what went wrong, then you need to try and address this. You will find it easier to move on if you have accepted the situation and forgiven your spouse in your heart. Learning to forgive will liberate you.


  • Be kind to yourself
  • Give yourself space and relaxation time
  • Look after your health
  • Try not to overanalyse
  • Let yourself grieve
  • Don’t jump into a new relationship straightaway
  • Get control of your life!


Now you are in charge of your life, what is your wish for the future? Do you hope to eventually have a solid, stable and loving relationship again? Maybe you aspire to build a new life with financial security, or perhaps a new home. Create a wish list of what you hope for your future, and then decide on the steps you need to take to make your wishes come true. Writing down your hopes and dreams opens up a channel to the universe, allowing it to assist you in reaching your goals.


Jumping from divorce into a new relationship can often be a mistake that ends up being unsuccessful because you are finding comfort in the new person while you are still grieving the breakdown of your marriage. Many people find it difficult to even consider meeting someone new! Remember, give yourself time - there’s no rush and you have to be absolutely happy within yourself before you are open to a new relationship. However, one day you may find yourself waking up with peace in your heart and a small thought about meeting someone new. The beauty of meeting someone after going through such a difficult time in your life, is that you will quickly know if they are right for you or not. 
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