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How Do I Wish Upon A Star?


Since before the dawn of history humans have looked to the Heavens for luck, clues and understanding.  Staring into the night sky can fill you with wonder – although it is humbling it also makes you feel that you are a part of this marvellous, infinite Universe.  The signs in the sky can speak to your unconscious mind, causing changes at a deep level.  Look upwards, alter your thoughts and move onwards with your life.


Here are some special stars to wish on, to make your dreams come true.  You may need a phone app to locate some of them, or look on-line at stellar maps – once you have spotted your special star you will always find it.  Remember that certain times of year will be better for seeing your star – if it’s the wrong season, pick another star, for luck to the max.

SHOOTING STAR – these are meteorites, igniting as they enter the atmosphere, and falling to earth in a blaze of glory.  Have a special lover’s wish ready at all times, for you have to make it before the star disappears, if you want it to come true.  (N.B. Look out for the Scorpiid meteor shower in the early days of May & June – check on-line for up-dates)

COMETS – these are bodies orbiting the sun in a large ellipse, trailing a tail of gas.  They used to be considered unlucky, but nowadays we know you make your own luck.  Comet Gibbs is due to be visible in August 2014.  Ask the comet to take away all your negative thinking, as it fades.

THE MILKY WAY – most brightly visible in July, the Milky Way is a dense collection of stars that are actually part of our own galaxy.  It promises abundance, but you have to find the path that is right for you, in order to meet true love.  Go to a clear hill-top at midnight after Midsummer, find the Milky Way and ask to be shown how to follow the promptings of your heart.

THE PLEIADES – also called the Seven Sisters, this little group of stars can be seen at its brightest in the Northern Hemisphere overhead in the night sky during November.  In mythology the Pleiades were nymphs who followed in the train of the maiden huntress goddess, Artemis.  They will empower you to ‘hunt down’ your lover, while keeping your independence, if that is your wish.  Artemis also ruled fertility, so if you want your partnership to bear fruit of any description, from an actual child to a successful shared venture, ask the Pleiades for help.


REGULUS – this is the 21st brightest star in the sky and it forms part of the constellation of Leo.  In fact it is a system of three stars, close together.  Regulus is close to the ecliptic – i.e. the apparent path of Sun and Moon in the sky – so it is fairly easy to find.  Look out for it at its most noticeable in the late winter and early Spring.   This ‘heart of the Lion’ star brings great honour and power.  Wish on Regulus if you want to be worshipped and adored – can you cope with being on a pedestal?

THE HELIX NEBULA – this is the closest of all the nebulae, a mere 400 light years from earth.  This nebula can be seen in October, and is part of the constellation of Aquarius.  If you desire a love that is also friendship, with a high degree of loyalty and shared ideals, wish on Helix.

SIRIUS, THE DOG STAR – the Romans used to worry that Midsummer heat would cause chaos.   The ‘dog days’ between July 3rd and August 11th, when Sirius, in the constellation of Canis Major, rises before dawn, truly are the ‘lazy, hazy days of summer’.   However, this star is at its brightest in Winter, when it is in fact the brightest.  Wish on Sirius if you want to cast your inhibitions to the winds and live a little dangerously!

A wish made in the right way, with a positive and determined attitude, really can turn your life around and bring you romance.  If you need some extra advice, our helpful readers at The Circle are always on hand, to guide and encourage you, so if you’re feeling lonely, put in a call.


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